Friday, September 7, 2018


   Good Friday all , today we are going to review the final book in the Black Eagles series ,. FINALE  by Kat Green

                            BOOK BLURB 

The Black Eagles and their loved ones can finally put the dark times behind them. Their recent dance with death saw them stand strong when it looked like all was lost. With determination and positivity, they are set on moving forward and not looking back. The demons from the past have been defeated but just as they feel calm and secure they are reminded that for every demon you beat, another is waiting in the shadows.
Can love and friendship withstand the pressure? Can they hold on one final time and keep the promises they made at the very beginning? 

                          MY REVIEW 
  Welcome back on the tour bus one last time . The band is trying to get on with their lives after the attack from Amber . Amber is finally gone and the band thinks they can get on with their lives  Melissa , Beth and the girls are a force to be reckoned with in this book . There I a new threat comes out of the wood work to try and beat them down . But will the love and their friendship survive the new threat . And can they keep the promises that were made so long ago at the beginning of their careers . 
  I will say that this book has a little bit more mystery to it then the other two books had . In the other books we knew who the attacker was . In book three the author makes us think and try and figure out who the new attacker is . I must say I love the characters Beth and Megan in this story . They have become such strong women . Beth has been through so much your heart breaks for her . When we find out her past , you will cry . This poor woman has been through so much ' She comes out a stronger better person because of her past. Megan is such a cool character . She has grown so much through out the series . You will like her kick butt attitude and wiliness to help . Melissa well poor Melissa she goes through it again but does come out the other side . All the character have grown and become complex and seeing them finally get their happily ever afters after all the pain.
   The final book in the series has some great twists and turns in it . One min you are thinking that wow could it get any worse for these people . Bam the author takes us in a totally different direction and sends us on another chase to find out the person behind the threats . You see how the couples have grown and matured through out the book . This is in my opinion is the best of the three books . Because it actually focuses on more then the main characters . The author uses the other characters well and their stories came out in a brilliant way .  This is a good series and I think you should add it to your fall and winter reading list . 

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