Thursday, September 6, 2018

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   Good Thursday all , or as I like to say HAPPY FRIDAY EVE . Todays book is the second book in the Black Eagles series . ENCORE by Kat Green

                            BOOK BLURB

The Black Eagles and their loved ones try to recover from the traumatic events that have beset the band, starting to piece together their lives while trying to make sense of everything that happened to them. How can they trust again, after so much betrayal? As they begin a collective healing process, they find that the future has more demons in store for them.
At the centre of it all are Luke and Melissa, only just starting to put their lives back together. As they embark on new adventures, old enemies may not be ready to let them forget

                         MY REVIEW 
   Welcome back to the tour bus . Everything is starting to settle down after what happened with Jay- Den and Amber . Luke and Melissa are healing from what happened to them nd the band . Everyone is picking up the pieces and trying to find trust again . But you know there is going to be more demons out there to get them and try and break the band and the couples up  Will they be able to forgive and heal or will the friendships and the band be torn apart . 
    The poor characters , Encore picks up where Strings left off . Melissa is battling with herself about what happened and trying to heal and Luke well Luke is Luke but he has some healing to do also . Melissa has become stronger but also she is a lot less trusting of everyone . To the point some times its kind of annoying . I know she is trying hard but sometimes her neediness gets in the way of really liking her . Luke is well Luke trying to fix everything for everyone . The characters I really liked in this book were Beth and Dale . Beth has been through so much and all she wants is a family . She is sweet but also kick butt strong . Dale well he is gruff and a typical rocker but when it comes to Beth he is like a kitty cat . They are the couple of the book . Amber is back reeking havoc with the band and threatening them all again and she has a new accomplice Aiden . He is slimy big time . You will love to hate him . 
   This book has much more action then the first book . We are taken on a emotional ride  with the band . The author really puts the characters through it again . But I must admit this the story felt a little lacking of something . Not sure how it is lacking but it seems like every time they go out on tour the crazies come out and it kind of felt like a fluffier then the first book. Over all I did enjoy this second book in the series . I read it in an evening . I am liking the series so far . Can't wait to read book 3 in the series . So check out the series . They must be read in order so you will understand what is happening .

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