Friday, September 28, 2018

well its FRIDAY all

  Welcome to Friday finally , today we are going to review the next book in one of the best epic fantasy series I have had the pleasure of reading in a long time . DARKBLADE SLAYER  by Andy Peloquin

                            BOOK BLURB 

To save the future, he must confront the truth of his past.

The Hunter will not rest until his blade pierces the demonic Sage’s heart.
His pursuit leads across windswept plains, into an ancient holy vault, and through a barren mountain range. Beside him is Hailen, the mysterious child with dangerous magical abilities—abilities that are dragging the boy deep into madness.
The only hope of putting an end to the Sage and curing Hailen is to reach the lost city of Enarium.
It’s a terrifying race against time and monstrous foes to kill a demon, save a child, and avert the end of the world.
Buy now to dive into the latest in the epic Hero of Darkness series. Hang on to your seat and take a ride into dark fantasy of the best kind
                           MY REVIEW 
    For the Hunter all roads lead to the lost city of Enarium and the trail of the Sage and his evil plan. Along with the hunter young Hailen is with him . The sweet young boy who has magical powers that are driving him mad slowly . Along the way they are chased by a knight that wants him dead. They travel over windswept plains and mountains that could kill you as you try and cross . All to save the child and end the hell that is the Sage .  But there is more to the city like a mystery woman that knows more and has a past that the hunter needs to find out 
   This is the five in the series and it just keeps getting better with each book. The characters have grown and become more complex. The Hunter is more then a killer that he was in the first books . He has grown and become more then just the killer . He has become a hero and a bit more . I really like where the author has taken the Hunter . He really has expanded the character adding more layers to him with each book . We see more sides of him . He takes on such a parental role with Hailen . Which is such a sweet side to him.  Don't get me wrong he is still the Hunter and will do anything to protect those who are in his care . There is a surprise waiting for him that will send the Hunter in a totally different direction. I will not tell you but it has been mentioned in other books . There are old enemies chasing the Hunter that will set you on edge through out the book . Trust me you will be cheering when these enemies are taken care of . 
  This book had me on the edge of my seat the whole time .  This series has grown so much, and the story line is so good .  I love how the author can weave a tale that will have you second guessing enemies and then not being real sure about the friends   The author brings back old enemies that you thought were gone and uses them to their full advantage . Just fyi there is some horribly written poetry in this book but it is suppose to be there . So don't stop reading because you hit the horrible poetry . You will figure it out soon enough .  Be prepared to fall into a fast paced dark fantasy that will keep you up all night long . Where there are no easy decisions and if you decide wrong you and all those you care fore can be is despair . So if you like dark fantasy book that will challenge you and books that you can't put down this is the series for you , You have to read the books in order to understand what is going on but you will get them done fast . 

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