Thursday, December 6, 2018


   Good Thursday all I must say it is 19 days to Christmas and I have a great book for your teens . The debut novel  THE DARK AWAKENING ( The Chosen Coven series book one ) by D.L Blade

                            BOOK BLURB

‘This reminds me of how broken I am, every single day when I wake up and see it in the mirror. It’s a scar that will never go away.’

East Greenwich may be a small town, but it is riddled with secrets. Mercy knows this more than most – she still suffers from the scars. The trauma from the ultimate betrayal has caused her to keep her distance from everyone she holds dear. A stranger who lingers in her subconscious seems to be the exception to the rule. His comfort is a refreshing distraction from her tormented fears.

‘I won’t lose you again.’

Unbeknownst to her; the past is weaving its dark web, waiting to strike. Upon a startling car accident, Mercy is shocked to find that her enigmatic mystery man, Caleb, is real – and she belongs to him. He reveals that Mercy’s family is strongly linked to an ancient coven; the roots slowly dragging her back to Salem again.

There may be a spark between Mercy and Caleb, but she is torn between wanting to kiss him – and running from him. Evil forces are awakening, growing bloodthirsty as the days and nights pass. Mercy must Awaken the dormant powers inside her, tackle the lies, betrayal, and blood-drenched past lives rotating around her in never-ending cycles. Can she bear the burden? Will she find it in herself to trust Caleb despite the shadowy past?

To slay a monster; you might need to become a monster.

                            MY REVIEW 
  Welcome to East Greenwich a town where the town is riddled with secrets . Mercy is surviving after being attacked by her mother and almost dying . Where a mysterious man is on the fringe keeping her safe . After Mercy is in a horrible accident her mystery man saves her and changes her life and finally sets straight the dreams that Mercy has . But when she finds out her past she has to work through the lies . betrayal and the evil forces that are trying to take her and kill her . Will they survive .
 For a debut novel I will say the characters are well written and are beginning to be complex.   Mercy is a typical teenager who just graduated and is turning eighteen. But there is more to Mercy and as you read you watch her grow and become a strong kick butt character . She has a tough time figuring out who her friends are after she finds out she is a witch and vampire hunter. Now Caleb well there is something about him that you just don't trust . He is cute arrogant and so mysterious . You really want to club him every now and then . There is a reason why he is like this and we find out more about him as you read into the story. We also meet Mercy's friends who keep her grounded more and more . I love Riley he has been through so much but is there for Mercy when she really needs him . You will like him too and want to wrap him up in a blanket and hug him tight . 
   This debut novel takes us on an adventure ride that will keep you turning the pages . I truly enjoyed this book and loved all the characters . But I did feel that the first part of the book dragged just a little with lots of info and it did take a little bit to really get into the book and the characters . Over all that didn't take away from the story line at all . I got swept away at the last part and it moved really fast . I will say there is a cliff hanger at the end of the book and you will shed a tear at what her and Caleb do go through and what she did to keep herself and everyone else safe . You will enjoy this book as much as your teen will . So if you want an enjoyable story of witches, vampires and yes there are werewolves in this story as well . Check out Mercy and her make shift coven and see what happens . A great story for your Christmas present list . You will not be disappointed . 

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