Wednesday, March 18, 2020


  Good afternoon all I really hope that you are all taking care of yourself and practicing personal distance and self isolation. Hunkering down with some good books . Today I have a fun book for you BUCCANEER'S COVE  ( Nulife book 3 ) by H,P Mallory.

                           BOOK BLURB 

Claire Darrow can’t seem to catch any breaks on her case against NuLife.

There have been multiple deaths and she’s fairly sure NuLife is behind all of them, but she still can’t prove how.

Deciding to go back into the Virtual Reality game, this time she’s bringing her hunky boss, Grant, with her. And the two of them will find themselves in the pirating world of Buccaneer’s Cove.

There they will learn find themselves battling more than just unanswered questions.

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                           MY REVIEW 
  Claire Darrow 's case is at a stand still , there are mulitple deaths in the game that Nulife is running . She needs to get back into the game and decides to take her hunky boss Grant to have her back .When they get to the island there are questions that they both havee and when they land on Buccaneer's Cove , pirating world . They find that they have more unanswered questions then just who is killing people . Will they be able to answer the questions that both have and will they ever be able to keep their hands off each other and find out who is murdering people in the game. 

  Holy Hannah what can I say . I adore these characters . Grant well we get to see more of him and yes i mean more . He is still gruff and well he is sexy and makes such a dashing pirate. I really liked him in this book you really get to see him open up and let Claire know his feelings . Claire is intense but we also get to see her a little bit more vulnerable when it comes to Grant . She is a great pirate as well. I love these characters and when they finally get together i did cheer just a little. They have grown so much since the first book . They are becoming more and more complex with each book . 
Ok I kind of got a little excited when I found out this book was going to be about pirates . I have a little soft spot for anything pirate . The author didn't disappoint the characters are well written and you will love them . The story is great and the characters will have you laughing . Claire and Grant are in for the rides of their lives and the author does put them through the wringer . There are some great twists and turns through out the book that will have you hooked . I think this one is the best of the three and I truly loved the first two . This third book does not disappoint . So if you want a fun series to read while you are all locked down check out this series . I promise you will love them .

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