Thursday, March 26, 2020


 Welcome to day 9 of lock down , hope you are all still doing ok and staying safe . Today I have the fun of sharing a preorder of one of my favourite authors . FASHIONABLY FOOLED  ( book 13 in the HOT DAMNED series . ) by the amazing Robyn Peterman .

                            BOOK BLURB 

A day in the life of the Devil should be exhilarating—lying, stealing, cheating at poker and finally beating Mr. Rogers…
Life should be wonderful.

The love of my dastardly immortal life is eating everything that isn’t nailed down and tried to behead me over a chocolate croissant. While I take chocolate croissants very seriously, I do believe decapitation is somewhat harsh.

My daughters, the Seven Deadly Sins, are driving me to drink. Getting them mated off and the hell out of Hell is at the top on my agenda.

The one thing that is keeping me sane—sane being a relative word—is my upcoming special day. After living a millennium and never knowing the date I came to be, I have sussed out the information from my certifiably insane, pole-dancing mother. She’s swears on her empty head that my birthday is April 1st.

Soon, April 1st will mean something. I’m no fool. I plan to make my birthday far more famous than my do-gooder nephew’s. That day in December will be forgotten when I get done making my womb eviction day the most important in the history of the Universe.

I shall simply go about business as usual. Punishments must be doled out and chaos must be encouraged. A vacation would be lovely, but there is no rest for the weary… or the evil. Luckily I know how to have an outstanding time doing outrageously bad things.

Thank Hades, I’m a handsome bastard.

Oh, and Happy Birthday to me.

                          MY REVIEW 
   Welcome back to hell , where Lucifer is having the time of his life .  Well if getting stabbed my his mate repeatedly and trying to plan his birthday party with Astrid . What could go wrong  well his daughters the seven deadly sins are acting up and his mate is emotional and all stabby, stabby . The only thing that is keeping him sane is his womb eviction party . When the truth comes to light about why Elle is emotional will change their lives forever . 

   Omg I love these characters so much . The Devil is so cocky, he will make you laugh with some of the things he comes up with . He is always trying to one up his brother ( God ) and to see him as a man in love is so much fun to read  Now Elle in this book is so hilarious . She is one Siren that is emotional and is eating for two or twenty if you really think about it . I love her and how she just is always trying to kill the Devil . Astrid and the rest of the gang is back and hilarious as ever . We also get to meet Mammy and Murry a couple of dragons that are so hilarious .Murry has a few bricks loose and loves Red Lobster . Mammy is old but strong and is sassy as ever . 

   This is a story that you can read in an evening and laugh your way through the whole thing . I actually snorted through some of the story , The author has such a great sense of ha ha when she writes her characters. They are so fun to read and they become more and more complex with each story that comes out. For being book thirteen the author doesn't disappoint . She takes us on a fun filled ride in hell and you will hang on for dear life cause you are laughing so hard . I really can't wait to see where the author takes the characters and the new generation of characters that she has written . So if you want a funny book to read during your lock down . Check out this series . You can preoder today 

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