Tuesday, March 24, 2020


 Good morning all , I hope everyone is practicing social distancing and having a safe time during lock down . Today I have a book by a new author to me . THE CENTAUR'S BRIDE ( Mates for Monsters) by Tamsin Ley

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Riding a cowboy never sounded so good...

City-girl Renee plans to take one last look at the sage-covered hills before she sells her late grandfather's ranch. When she meets a shirtless cowboy with abs of steel and a soft spot for horses, she decides to extend her visit into a vacation. But the ranch workers are acting mighty strange, and her sexy cowboy has a secret she never expected...
Black Stevens has always been an outsider. To the herd he’s defective, unable to shift to full equine form, and to humans he’s a monster found only in myth. When the herd's leader offers him a chance to earn a position among his people, he can't say no. Now he only has to get the ranch's sexy young heiress to say yes...
As he shows Renee around, he discovers there's more to this little human than he gave her credit for, and he wants her. Bad. Can he convince her to leave behind the life she's always known and keep the ranch? More important, can he convince her to give herself over to a monster like him?
Content warning: Explicit love scenes, troubled cowboys, and sexy shifter secrets. Intended for mature audiences.
*No cliffhangers, no cheating, and a guaranteed happily-ever-after! Get your copy today!*

                            MY REVIEW 
    Renee is heading out to take a look at the land and the ranch that she was given to when her grandfather. What she doesn't realize that there is a special herd of horses running there . Blake Stevens has always felt like he was an outsider , but when Renee shows up things change . The horse shifters see him as and outcast cause he can't totally shift . He is a Centaur a man of myth and legend but to the others he is an outcast .  When he starts to show her around he realizes there is more to her and to him then meets the eye. Will the fair maiden fall for the monster that he thinks he is 

  The characters are well developed and complex. Black well he one hot dude . He is strong , sexy and compassionate .  He is also a Centaur who thinks he is flawed and a monster . I truly liked his character and how he is . Renee is a sweet sensitive woman who at times to me comes off a little naïve.  Lori is the herd matriarch . There is so much more to her , she is evil in ways that you can't imagine . She is such a good character . 

   This is a story that you can read in an evening . I read it in a couple of hours , well cause it had horses and a sexy centaur . |I haven't really read any thing about Centaurs so when I started this book I was happy and loved the character .  The story flowed well and I really enjoyed it . Then it took a turn and we were into some intrigue and going on a treasure hunt . There were some flaws in the story like some of the vet terms and how some times the heroine was acting like a twelve year old . |Overall I did enjoy this book and the characters. So if you want to read a sexy centaur book check it out . 

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