Tuesday, March 3, 2020


 Welcome to Tuesday , today I got the privilege of reading an arc of Linda Thomas - Sundstrom's new book HOWLING.

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Don't go out in the woods alone...

Colorado Sheriff Blake Richards doesn't know anything about what a full moon can do to those who aren't quite as human as he is. So when a wolf runs in front of his truck, he's pretty sure it's a wolf. Except that it's not. Really.

She-wolf Madison Grant has come to Colorado to track some nasty criminals without the permission of the Miami law-enforcement officials she works with. With one of her biggest secrets accidentally exposed to a Colorado Sheriff, and a full moon overhead, she and sexy Blake Richards will have to protect each other in order to stay alive.

                           MY REVIEW 
  When Colorado Sheriff Blake Richards , hits something that runs out in front of his truck on a night with a full moon . Things are going to get crazy when he realizes the wolf he hit really is more then just a wolf . Madison has come to Colorado to tracks some really nasty shifters .  When a chance encounter with the sheriff sends her on a course that will collide with the big bad nasties that she is tracking and the man that could be her mate . Will they be able to protect each other and will Blake be able to get his head around the fact that wolf shifters exist and that he is in love with one .

  I simple adore Blake and Madison . Blake is a no nonsense guy who likes to live out in the wilderness. He is straightforward kind of guy . He is sexy and sweet and ladies you will swoon over him .  When push comes to shove though he will fight for those he loves which is why he is such a good character. He takes things on with a gusto and really he doesn't flinch when he finds out that the things that go bump in the night are real . Madison oh god what can I tell you about her . She is feisty and will defend those who she deems worthy . When she finally finds Blake you see her start to come into herself more . We see her make the choices that she does and with Blake she knows what she wants and does so much to fight the feelings . They are great characters on their own right but man when they are together they are explosive. I think out of all the book I have read from this author these are my all time favourite couple .  They are complex and so well written and you will love them as much as I do.

   I was honoured to get and ARC of the book and when I sat down to read I couldn't put it down. The story sucked me in from the very first chapter and kept me hooked until the end . The story is well thought out and it just keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time .  The book is full of intrigue and yes there is romance . I mean who wouldn't want romance with Madison and Blake .  I truly love the take the author has on shifters they are more then just alpha males . She puts her female characters through just as much as the male characters . There is also more to them then most shifter stories out there . So if you want a great story that will have you staying up late reading . Check out HOWLING  and get it on March 12 or preorder it today . link below .

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