Monday, May 4, 2020


  Good rainy Monday morning all , it is the 4th of May and it feels like day 1 trillion of self isolation . Today I have the eight book in the Fae Magic series . HOUNDED by Jessica Aspen

                            BOOK BLURB

An underpaid, overworked secretary finds sanctuary in the arms of a rogue shifter—is it magic… Or is it fate?

When Carmine’s forced to run for safety into the place she fears the most she falls head-over-heels into a world of enchantment—where wolves change into men, fairies fly through the air, and she herself might be a lost fae princess with magical powers…

Betrayed by his pack the last thing wolf shifter Culann needs is a woman who’s never seen magic—even if she is fated to be his true-mate.
And when he finds out she’s a fairy princess in disguise?

A hell breaks loose.

For a lone wolf and an every-day-girl-turned-princess to succeed it will take fighting an evil queen bent on world domination, discovering magic—and trusting in true love.

A lost princess and a reluctant hero find true love…

                      MY REVIEW 
    When Carmine is  chased into the forest by some men who want to do her harm . She falls into a world of magic and into the arms of a rogue shifter . Who she has met before but how .  Culann is a shunned wolf and really honestly doesn't want the added responsibility of a woman who doesn't even know she is special . As you know in every good fairy taile romance will blossom and the evil queen will die . 

    I seriously think that Culann and Carmine are my favourite characters . Culann is well he is brooding and roguishly good looking but has been beaten down by the past . Until the day his mate and you see him starts to realize the power that he has inside of him and he isn't the bad person they called him. Carmine oh what can we say about poor Carmine . She has been living a double life and she didn't know . She is sweet and kind but also has been through so much . When she finds her true calling and what she truly is you see her blossom and grow into a very powerful woman in charge of her destiny.

  This author does a great job retelling fairy tales and putting her own twist on them . This is book eight in her fae magic series and I love how she mixes the fae and shifter element into the retelling of Red Riding hood . The characters are well written and you will cheer for them and cry for them . The story is just a tad slow at the beginning but it really picks up once Carmine and Culann are together . This book has it all mystery. intrigue , romance and fated mates .  I truly enjoyed this book and the whole series . Its one of those type of books that you can get yourself lost in for an hour or two . So if you want to have a good read for this quarantine check it out .

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