Monday, May 18, 2020


 Well it is Monday and it is release day for the second book in the Good To The Last Death WHOSE MIDLIFE CRISIS IS IT ANYWAY  by Robyn Peterman

                           BOOK BLURB 

A Paranormal Women's Fiction with a bit of class, and a lot of sass, for anyone who feels like age is just a number!

Midlife’s a journey. Enjoy the ride. Crisis included.

Never knew that life after death was far more dangerous than real life.

Never in my forty years did I think my new normal would be gluing body parts back onto ghosts and hosting a houseful of dead squatters. Thank God for superglue and a strong stomach.

Never thought I’d date the Grim Reaper and that I would be the one to blow it. I mean, how idiotic does one have to be to get dumped by a dude who lives in Hell?

Going about business as usual is not usual in any way. No one is who they seem to be… and to be honest, neither am I. What I’d known to be true has turned out to be myth. The Angels are frightening and the Demons are hot. Wait. I mean not. Who am I kidding? The Grim Reaper is very hot—like a freaking pre-menopausal hot flash hot.

Now I’m in a race against time and all sorts of unsavory supernatural horrors to save my deceased gay husband’s afterlife. And that was a sentence I never thought would leave my lips.

Whatever. I’ll yank up my big girl panties, stock up on wine and lean on my girlfriends as needed. As they say, when the going gets tough, the tough get inebriated… or something like that.

With everything to lose, I have no choice but to grow some lady balls. That I can do. I just hope balls will be enough.

I had planned to live midlife in peace, not in pieces.
Good luck to me…

                         MY REVIEW
  Welcome back to Daisy's crazy midlife crisis , who knew turning forty would bring on ghosts and other supernatural beings . Daisy is the race of her life , she is out to save her dead husband's soul . Where she is up against a host of unsavory supernaturals . She must get the man who had her heart but she sent away . Will she be able to stand up to the council and will Gideon the hotter then hot grim reaper help his love out . Will they be able to trust each other to get them to the other side . 

    Poor poor Daisy she is having a hard time of it lately . She has been putting body parts back on dead people floating around her living room . trying not to go crazy in the process . She sent away the man who could send shivers up and down her spine at just a look . Then she has a dead ex husband's ghost lying in her bed as she fights to send his soul into the light . So whats a girl going to do but go after those that wronged her . With sass and well just a little big of feistiness she may get it done . She is one woman you don't want to mess with she will tell you under no certain terms what she thinks of you and where you can go also.  Heather and the girls are back helping out Daisy as much as they can . Heather is ready to kick some butt and June is baking cookies which are to die for. Gideon is back and better then ever in the sexiness and his actual sweetness when it comes to Daisy . He wants to repair the damage that they did and they will . 

   This is the second book in the series and just as much fun to read as the first . The characters are well written and getting more and more complex . The story picks up where book one left off and its a hang on to the seat of your pants ride . I will admit there is a little bit of sadness in the story but the author can even make a funeral funny . There were momenst that i just couldn't stop laughing and there were a couple of times where i felt a little sad . I truly enjoyed this book , but i felt that there were a few spots where I felt it was just a little flat . Over all i really enjoyed this book and I love the way this author is taking the characters . |I can't wait for book 3 .

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