Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Good Tuesday all, its another hot day here on the farm so its a great day to sit in the sun and read . I have the book for your reading . BRIAR ( The Happily Ever after series book 5 ) by Plum Pascal .

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   Book 5: BRIAR
When Briar Rose, better known as Sleeping Beauty, wakes from a kiss, the prince isn’t the man she expects. Instead of a knight in shining armor, Prince Payne is a cursed vampire who’s responsible for killing Briar’s entire family.

Payne is forced into kissing and waking Briar by her fairy godmother, Maura LeChance. Maura forces Payne to make the choice to wake Briar and protect her on an upcoming journey or he’ll never have his vampire curse removed.

Once they leave the castle and embark on their mysterious journey, Briar learns she can raise the dead. Shortly after learning this, she raises not one, but two dragons, Nouille and Veseo—both as hot-blooded and sexy as they were alive.

But Briar’s necromantic abilities come at a cost—her own life. She keeps dying and the only way to stop her from dying is to for her to bond to Payne, someone she detests. Will Briar make the choice to bond to the man who destroyed her family? And what will that mean for her two dragon suitors?

Find out in the fifth book in the Happily Never After Series!

                     MY REVIEW 
  Welcome to Briar Rose's life , she has been asleep for over twenty years . Just waiting for her prince to come and kiss her back to life, a prince of her dreams. When the day finally comes the prince she desires is not what comes .  The prince that shows up is a cursed vampire that has a secret . When Payne and Briar meet it is hate at first sight but  her fairy god mother has other things planned . When they leave the castle and head on their mission , they realize that Briar is a necromancer and has to gain control over them . With the two dragons she raised the four of them will head into belly of the beast to raise the blue fairy and find out how to save Briar from dying every time she uses her powers . Will they all come together and realize that they all belong together . 

  Briar and Payne are such a fun couple at first they are all I hate you and I hate you . Briar is naive and just like a young child when she wakes up . She has so much to catch up on but as you read you see her grow  and become a kick butt woman. Payne well he is a bitter vampire who has a curse on him and all he wants to do is find the fairy that cursed him and become a man . He comes off arrogant and entitled at that beginning of the book and you watch him become more human as he is with Briar . You can really see a love starting to build between them . Now to add more to the mix we have Vesso and Nouille the two dragons that Briar reanimates with her powers . They are protective of Briar and both are as sexy as can be.  I love how they are with her .  I absolutely adore these characters they are so well written and complex . I love how they are all intertwined with the characters in the other books . 

    This is  the fifth book in the series and I love how the author is putting a great twist to the fairy tales . She take the female characters and makes them the heroines and they are really kicking butt . The aren't damsels in distress in this series and when they have to they really come into their own .  The author takes us on a fun filled ride of emotion and laughter . The only thing I had trouble with is that i felt the book kind of fell short in a couple of places . Over all i loved this book in the series and can't wait to see where the author takes the other five women . This would be a great series to read at the beach or by the pool . They are a great fast read . So add some heat to you late August days . 

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