Tuesday, August 4, 2020


Good morning all its Tuesday and I am working on my 4th cup of high octane chai lattes , yes i need a boost this morning . Today I have a fun read for you REAPING WILLOW part one by Boone Brux 

                          BOOK BLURB 

  My world has exploded. Just when I thought I had this reaping gig down, the rules changed.

It’s not about reaping stupid people anymore. Now, I must descend into the bowels of Tartarus to rescue my dead husband’s soul from Chaos. That was NOT in the job description. I’ll be traveling to the anus of existence with Nyx, my grandmother a trillion times removed. The crocheted afghans and cookie baking type…she is not. More like, snuffing me out with a sneeze if I piss her off. This should be a lot of fun.

But before I can gird my loins for that diverting adventure, me and my partner—and current boyfriend— need to hunt and reap the demon possessing the woman who killed my husband. This will require a horse costume, a Brony convention, and a lot of unwanted help from my family.

Yep, I’m super excited about my life.

                       MY REVIEW 
   Lisa and the gang are back and reaping harder then ever . She has to go to Tartarus and find her dead husband who was taken by Chaos . Nate and Lisa first have to find the demon that killed her husband. They are entering a place that will forever change them . A place where you have brightly coloured wigs and costumes . Lets enter the world of bronys .

  Lisa and the guys are back and funnier then ever . Lisa is a hard working mother and a grim reaper . She is one feisty, sassy woman who manages life on her own terms . She is like any working mom out there stressed and trying to keep her life balanced . Nate is well he is so sexy and yes I would say he is brooding some times . He balances Lisa's crazy life . He is like the calm in her storm .  With every good guy there is a bad guy and Chaos is his name  with his demons . 

  This is the fourth book in the series and they just keep getting funnier and funnier . The author's style of writing is witty and easy to read .  I love her wit  her characters are well written and getting more and more complex . I really want to know what is in the mind of the author . I mean who knew that there were Brony parties and know I really want to see a convention . Yes you have to read the book to find out what a Brony party is .  I will warn you that there is a cliff hanger at the end of this book. I really want to find out what happens to Lisa and Nate and if they have to the bowels of Hell to get her dead husband back . This is a fun book and it would be a great series to read at the beach this summer . Check it out if you want a fun laugh riot of a book to read .

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