Wednesday, February 24, 2021


   Good morning all hope your day is going great and you are staying warm. Today I have the first book in a brand new series by one of my all time favourite  authors . WAKE MY HEART , Jasper Falls book one by Lydia Michaels. 

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   When Ryan Clooney moves to the outskirts of his small town, the last thing he expects to find is love. Cursed to always be single, he’s burned-out on blind dates and pity “plus-ones”. He’s through waiting for The One to arrive. But once he meets Maggie, the beautiful, young widow next door, his plans change.

Maggie O’Malley is not looking for love. Since losing her husband, she has withdrawn from small-town life and prefers to be left alone. But her new neighbor doesn’t seem to understand personal privacy, and the more he intrudes on her solitary life, the more she remembers how wonderful friendship can be.

Determined to reach Maggie’s heart, Ryan has an awakening of his own, and learns what love is all about.

                         MY REVIEW 
   Welcome back to the mountain and the small town that is at the base .Welcome to Jasper Falls . Ryan has moved out on his own to the outskirts of town . He wants to have a break from his mother and the whole McCollough clan . What he didn't realize was that he was going to fall for his pretty next door neighbor . Maggie has basically become a recluse since her husband passed away . She thought that she would spend the rest of her life with him . But life has so many twists and turns and sometimes your best friend will be the one that helps you realize that there is more to life then hiding out from the world . Together they will learn what love can be . 

   Omg we are back with characters that will have you believing that true love can happen over again. Ryan Clooney is well he is a relation to the McCollough men so you know he is going to be a sexy brooding Irishman . Which wow he is but there is more to him then meets the eye . He is a little sad cause he thinks he can't find love in the town where everyone know everyone.  To me he is a true romantic and the kind of man you want in your corner as a friend and a lover .  Maggie she is broken and you just want to hug her and tell her that you will find love again . Well she seems broken but she is actually stronger then everyone gives her credit for . She goes from a shut in to a woman who shines when she comes around others . They are such a fun couple and you will fall in love with them . Oh and yes the boys are back to help Ryan and Maggie out . 

  This is such a fun book and when I found out the author was going back to the mountain . I will admit i squealed a little . This is Ryan and Maggie's story and I will say that there were moments in this book where I really wanted to shake Maggie and scold her about playing with Ryan's emotions and heart strings . Which for me kind of broke my heart watching her . But lie all great romance book the author broke my heart and then she slowly repaired it . Trust me when you start this book you will be sucked in by the end of chapter one . I read this book in an evening I just couldn't put it down . i really recommend this book for those who love a good angsty romance that will have you sucked in and shedding some tears along the way .  So check out this book for some laughs tears and a big bunch of great romance that will have you cheering . 

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