Tuesday, February 23, 2021


 Good morning all hope your Tuesday is going well . Today I have for you the second book in To have and hold duet series . I THEE TAKE  by Natasha Knight. 

                           BOOK BLURB


Cristiano is my enemy. He’s also the only man with whom I’ve ever felt safe. Protected.

But I have to remember that he married me with one purpose in mind. Revenge. I would be the bridge to his real enemies.

I can’t let myself forget that he isn’t the hero of this story. His hands are covered in blood. I saw that with my own eyes.


I thought I knew Scarlett’s past, but I didn’t know anything.

I thought I knew the worst of monsters, but I hadn’t seen anything yet.

Sometimes you have to lie to yourself to survive.

Sometimes it’s those closest to you who will bury their knives in your back.

Too many times it’s the innocents who pay for your mistakes. For your refusal to see.

I can’t let Scarlett pay for mine.

But I may be too late to stop it.

                   MY REVIEW

  This book picks up right where book one stopped . Cristiano has been betrayed by an rat in the organization . Scarlett has been betrayed by her family , the men who she didn't trust . Somehow Cristiano has come to a cross roads , Scarlett has gotten under his skin and he wants to keep her safe and love her . She has been taken by the men who want to hurt her and hurt Cristiano at the same time . Will he be able to find her before it is too late and will he be able to remember what happened in the past and who killed his family . Will they ever be able to become the family they both need. 

  Holy what can I say about book 2 , it is a whole heck of a lot darker then book one . The characters are more complex and you really get to see the vulnerability in each of them . Scarlett well wow she shows more back bone in this book. She is a lot tougher then in the first book. You really get to see her fighting and wanting to save everyone. She is a fighter and I love the way she grew .  Cristiano we really get to see him at his most vulnerable and his strongest .  We still get to see his brooding over thinking alpha male but we also see deeper into him . We get to see him as a hero or at least he was in my eyes . He moved heaven and earth to find Scarlett and that is a hero to me . We also get to see him put the pieces of his past together as he remembers what happened to him . They are such an explosive couple and I really do love how they have grown together . 

  Ok i sat down and started reading this book , I was sucked in and read the whole thing in one evening . I love how it started right where book one ended . The author really went to the dark side in this book . I was so hooked and I finally fell for the characters. You got to see them both grow and get stronger with each turn of the page .  This is an intense book and does touch on a few horrible things , attempted rape and human trafficking which had me on the edge of my seat the whole time . Most of all this is a love story that has two broken people falling in love and finding out that they are suppose to be together.  I truly liked this book better then book one there is so much going on and you really get to see the characters come alive in this book .  So if you want a dark set of books check them out . I promise you well be sucked into a world of mobsters and vendettas and the woman that comes to love him. 

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