Monday, February 8, 2021


   Good morning all , hope you are all staying warm and safe . Today I have for you book ten in the Lily Harper series . LORDS OF ILLUSION  by Hp Mallory.

                            BOOK BLURB

   When a prophecy reveals that Asterion’s first true love, Ariadne, is still alive, he can barely control his happiness.

But soon he discovers Ariadne is being held against her will in a demon prince’s harem.

Thus, Lily and the gang will find themselves heading deep into the bowels of the Underground City in order to rescue Ariadne.

But voyaging into the depths of this hellish prison isn’t an easy feat—it will require the help of Wally Wordsmith, one of Tallis’ sworn enemies.

When Ariadne and Asterion are finally reunited, what will it mean for Lily, who loves Asterion in her own way? And what will it mean for the prophetic dream Lily had regarding the three of them?

Find out in the tenth book of the Lily Harper series, Lords of Illusion!

                     MY REVIEW 
   Welcome back to the Underground city and the ragtag group of heroes that are trying to come to terms with a prophecy . When Asterion finds out his love is still alive in the depths of a hellish prison . It won't be an easy feat but with the help of Wally Wordsmith . who is a sworn enemy of Tallis . Yeah things can only get better from then on right . You would think so but alas when Ariadne is found Lily wonders what would happen between her and Asterion and the prophecy of Tallis, her and Asterion and the love she has for both of them .

  The gang is back and better then ever, they are getting more and more complex with each book. We really get to see Lily at a crossroads I feel in this book . Her love for the two men is special in a way that you can't describe . We see everyone starting to recognize her as the herald and wanting to help her with her mission . We also get to meet a couple of new characters Ariadne the long lost love of Asterion and Wally Wordsworth . Ariadne is sweet but has been through so much in her life . She is strong and understanding  Wally Wordsworth is one of those you can't really trust but you kind of need to to get through the quest and to get out of the prison . There is so much fun snarky dialogue that goes on between Tallis and Wally .  i can't believe how much these characters have grown through out this series and have actually become dear to my heart. 

  This is the tenth book in the series and I must say that the author can still bring it . The characters have grown and evolved with each and every book and with each book you care for them a little more .  This author has a way of building such a story line that expands with each and every book . You really get sucked into the story and you feel like they  could be your friends.  So if you want a great series to read check it out . I say do read them in order so you can get the whole package of Lily and the gang . You will not be disappointed . 

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