Wednesday, December 1, 2021


  Today I have a sweet fun novella for you and it is Christmas related . This was a part of an anthology but the author decided to bring it out for Christmas . So lets check out MAKING SPIRITS BRIGHT  by Linda Thomas - Sundstrom 

                            BOOK BLURB

 So when Christmas rolls around, and lights appear where they shouldn’t, she’s all in, maybe, for the magic of a season that includes a gorgeous man who says he’s dragon, and a rocky path to the Land of Enchantment.

Jake Silver has bought a new house that seems to have come with persistent visitor named Ridley. But can he shake her off or keep her from a place that holds so many secrets, including some of his?

                       MY REVIEW 
   Ridley is back at her old home and it is Christmas time , all she wants to see is the lights from the valley one more time . Jake is there to make sure she doesn't get to the lights . There is more to Ridley then anyone knows and Jake is trying to figure it out and trying to keep her away from the lights . There is more to both of them and the lights that are calling them . Will he be able to keep her safe and will their secrets come to the for front . 
  Ridley and Jake have to be my favourite Christmas characters , Jake is well brooding and taking his job very seriously , that of keeping people away from the lights and protecting what is in the lights . Ridley is a sweet girl who just seems not to fit in anywhere . She is just wanting to see the lights one more time . Both of them are strong characters and are written with a complexity of a larger novel . 
   This is a sweet book that you can read in a hour or two and fall in love with the characters . The author has a very good way of writing that it doesn't matter how long the book is you are swept up and taken away . Her characters are always well crafted and complex. This is a sweet Christmas story that has dragons and dark and light fae , and what happens when you become part of that world . So if you want a sweet Christmas read with a dragon and fairies check out this novella . 

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