Monday, December 13, 2021


  Good morning peeps hope everyone is doing good and getting ready for Christmas . I can't believe there is only 12 days till the big day . Today I have a book for you that will give you all the feels . KEL'S BELLS  by V.J Lee. 

                          BOOK BLURB

 Kelsey (Kels) Armond hated everything about Christmas, and this one was going down in the history books as the worst ever. She was going to be the maid of honor in her best friend's Christmas wedding, which included her wearing a Mrs. Claus bridesmaids dress, right down to the furry boots—ugh. Throw in a couple of murders, a coma, add in her best friend’s hot brother (who she's always had a crush on) bringing home his equally hot girlfriend—who was also going to be in the wedding—and it was a recipe for disaster.

Maybe going to prison for murder wouldn't be so bad.

Dalton Green has compared every woman he's ever dated to the love of his life, Kelsey Armond. Even his hot California girlfriend couldn't compare to the voluptuous Kels. His Christmas wish was for her to see him, talk to him, anything other than scowl, and walk away from him, with her reluctance to express feelings of love—almost like she felt she was undeserving. It was his Christmas mission to show her how beautiful she sincerely was, and prove to her how deserving she truly was of being loved, and prove to her how magical Christmas could be—that is, if he didn't get arrested for murder first.

                      MY REVIEW 
 Kelsey Armond really hates all things Christmas but she will do anything for her best friend Lennox even wear a red Santa like dress for her wedding . When the man she has loved since she was a teenager walks in looking as good as ever . He is also her best friends brother . They should be together and Dalton realizes that and Kelsey is so unsure that she deserves his love because she isn't stick thin like the woman he came home with . Will the past haunt them, will they be able to fight for what they want . Will two murders and a coma of the only woman who loved Kelsey for who she is keep them apart . Or will love conquer all . 
 Ok I absolutely adore these characters , Kelsey and Dalton . They are such a I am not going to say a fun couple because there is so much angst that is happening between these two . Kelsey is well she is tough and lets people know what she is thinking . Will do anything for her best friend and her cousin. But there is a sadness in her that is all consuming . She is fighting for her life in everyway possible and some of it isn't good . She needs to feel loved and to love with all her heart . She is also a curvy girl who doesn't believe that she can be loved by the hot ,sexy man with the six pack . Dalton is well he is hot , and he just wants a woman who will love him for himself . He is the guy next door and Kel's best friends older brother . He is the one man that could make Kels realize that she is beautiful and deserves love but it will be a hard battle for both of them . There are moments when you feel the pain that rolls off Dalton and you just want to hug him and wrap a blanket around him . I think my most favourite character is grandma Ruby she is such a fun woman even though she spends most of her time in a coma you know there is more to grandma then you think. Lennox is back and as sweet as ever . 
  This is a story that is a Christmas story but so much more . This a story of redemption and love . The characters are so complex and so well written, you just want to make sure they are ok and wrap them up in a warm blanket . The author really takes us on an emotional roller coaster ride . I will admit to you that if you have a trigger be prepared . There is abuse scenes in this story that will have you crying .Don't worry things will work out or will they not going to tell you . You will have to get the book to find out .  This is a story of redemption and a second chance at love that will have you gushing and full of love . This a book to read on a cold winter evening with a good glass of wine a box of tissues and cozy blanket . So check it out and grab it for the reader in your life 

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