Friday, December 17, 2021


  Good morning my peeps , today I have the 11th book in the Haven Hollow series . MYSTIC VEIL  by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain

                              BOOK BLURB 

  When my son, Finn, freaks out after seeing a stranger peering in through his window, I have a feeling something wicked this way comes. Unfortunately, it’s not long before reports of the same peeping tom come pouring in from all around Haven Hollow, but no one knows who this guy is or what he wants.

And, when my good friend Henner reports a disturbance in his home, the Tayir Mansion, that culminates with the disappearance of his housekeeper and a room full of bloody handprints, I have a feeling things are about to take a downward spiral very quickly.

To make matters worse, my personal life seems to be equally out of control—there’s my ex-boyfriend, Roy, who keeps trying to salvage our relationship, and then there’s also my best friend, Marty, who’s giving me puppy dog eyes of his own.

As if peeping toms, missing housekeepers, amorous ex-boyfriends, and equally amorous best friends aren’t stressful enough, there’s also a void we discover in the laundry room of Henner’s house. And that void has recently been breached, which means either someone entered or someone escaped…

                      MY REVIEW 


   Poppy and the gang are back and funnier then ever.. After a potion goes awry and Astrid blows out the windows of Poppy's house things just get weird . Finn sees a peeping Tom in his bedroom window and then the other sighting . Poppy, Wanda and the guys are off to find the mysterious man and also to help Henner out . Things just spiral out of control from the moment they walk into the mansion . It doesn't help that Roy is trying to salvage his relationship with Poppy and Marty is having feeling for Poppy . What could go wrong well lets just say everything and naything can go wrong . Here is hoping that they can find their way out and save the day yet again and not end up dead in the process. 

  Poppy and the gang are back and man they are really put through it in this book . Poppy is having a day after a potion blows up . She is having a rough day and man she is really taking a beating this time . She comes in as a strong character and funnier then ever . She is trying to keep everyone on the same page when it comes to finding out what is going on . I love Poppy she is really a no nonsense woman who just wants to live with her son and her friends . Wanda well she is back and more pushier then ever . She seems to some time crumbles in time of crisis . She is a tough cookie with a sweet interior . Roy is back and broody as ever , he wants to fix things with Poppy but she just wants him as a friend . I mean she wants a sexy sasquatch as a friend ok maybe she doesn't have it all together like I thought . Marty is so sweet and kind and when he looks at Poppy all he sees is a sweet woman . Oh there is also Roscoe the evil that came through the veil and wreaking havoc all the place . He is just creepy in so many ways you really want him to die . 

  This is one of those books where you sit down and laugh your way all the way through the book. The authors really like to put the characters through it and in this book is no exception . I laughed my way through and then did a few omgs  as I read . There are moments when you think they might not actually make it through . There are so many twists and turns through out the book and that ending made me happy and really want to see what happens in the next book . So if you want a fun book check out this series . 

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