Monday, May 2, 2022


 Well we made it to May and it is finally warming up out on the farm . Today I have book sixteen in the Haven Hollow series . HERRINGBONE HEXES  by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain 

                          BOOK BLURB 

 When Lorcan and I fail to dissolve the blood bond yet again (this time quite an embarrassing one), I’m at my wit’s end.

The last thing I need is my cantankerous cat delivering a wax-sealed letter that I’m worried might be from my mother. But once I open the letter, I realize it’s an invitation to a witch assembly sent from High Witch, Scarlett Velardi.

The only snag? In order to attend, I’ll need to form my own coven.

Forming my own coven aside, I quickly realize the only reason Scarlett’s invited me to this assembly is to allow me the chance to take on my mother, who has me on her hit list.

As I learn more about the situation between my mother and Scarlett, I soon realize there’s a truth even I don’t know—something so big and horrible, everyone who knows it has been bound by Mother never to speak a word of it.

Now, if there’s one thing Wanda Depraysie dislikes, it’s a secret I’m not in on. So, I’ll do everything in my power to unravel my mother’s mystery in the hopes that I’ll be able to bring her down.

Once and for good.

                      MY REVIEW

  Wanda and the gang are back and this time it is to confront her mother but first they have to form a coven . And what a motely crew they are .  Wanda must come to terms with her past and what is happening with her mother and what has happened to the warlocks in the past . So with the help of Poppy , Astrid and the rest of the gang are there to help fight . Will they be the winners in an a battle that might kill them all . 

 Wanda and the gang are back and funnier then ever. Wanda is better and stronger then ever she is really coming into her own. She is one feisty witch . I love how Poppy has become a big part of the series and I love how they have entwined both stories . The characters are well written and complex and growing with each story .

 This is a fun fast read that will have you laughing, the authors have really built a strong group of characters that just continue to grow and become more and more complex . I truly love this series . I read this story in an evening and laughed my way through it . I can't wait to see where the authors take these characters even with the twist at the end . So if you want a great series and want a fun read check it out . 

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