Wednesday, May 18, 2022


  Good afternoon everyone today I have a new author and his ya book . Lets check out HORSE SENSE 

by Lapo Mezli 

                         BOOK BLURB

  The friendship that ties together eleven year old Jamie and his horse Acorn has a magic that comes once in a lifetime, but can it really resist the bullies that want to rip it to shreds? Jamie and Acorn's friendship is one for the books: their attachment is unbreakable, their mutual understanding uncanny and their adventures legendary. But one day everything changes. Jamie steps in to defend one of his classmates from his teacher and suddenly everybody turns on him. Worse, they use his friendship with a horse to bully him. Attacked on all sides, Jamie has to decide whether to desert Acorn or fight for what he truly believes in, both for himself and his best friend.

                    MY REVIEW 

 Jamie and acorn were the best of friends a young boy and his horse . Acorn knows all Jamie's secrets and doesn't judge him at all . When Jamie helps defend a young boy he feels like he doesn't belong . He doesn't fee like he belongs anywhere but when his class mates are hurt by the teacher that is suppose to be teaching them . Between his bad home life and the class mates that want to hurt him . He really discovers who are his friends and who loves him the most.

The characters are so realistic and I love Jamie he is such a sweet young boy who has been through so much in his young life . His home life is not the best but he has the love of his mom who would do anything to keep him safe and loved . To Acorn the horse that is his best friend . He is such a strong moral character that is trying hard to belong . We get to see him realize who really is on his side . There are a lot of characters that come in and out of Jamie's life . I truly loved these characters especially Acorn .

This is one of those ya books that you really start out and startreading and next thing you know you are done . The characters are so realistic and complex and they really get under your skin. The author paints a picture of the unconditional love between a boy and his horse . The ups and downs their life together . This book had me crying through out and my heart broke at one point . The author tells a good story and I loved the story . So if you want to read a good story about unconditional love check it out


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