Wednesday, June 15, 2022


  Good morning peeps welcome to Wednesday already . Today is release week for Lynn Burke and her new book SEEKING TWO LOVERS . 

                            BOOK BLURB

 Finding my ex-fiancé beneath the man we invited into our relationship jaded my heart, and I refuse to share lovers ever again.

The dating app Missing Link offers me the chance to fulfill my desire of having two men love on me at the same time—without the crossing of swords.

Fate plays her games, and I end up separately dating two men at the same time, who as a whole, would be my dream come true.

The problem?

They’re roommates. Best friends. And neither knows the girl they claim to have fallen for is one and the same.

When the truth is uncovered, I perceive the unrequited love in one’s gaze and unrecognized feelings in the others.

But the fear of being set aside a second time comes too late.

I’m already in too deep.

                         MY REVIEW
 Lily is living her life in California after her break up from her sweet boy friend who is now with the man he loves . She is wondering what it would be like to have two men to have fun with . Enter the missing link a dating app where she finds a guy that could maybe scratch an itch she has . Also she meets the sweetest most shy guy at the coffee shop she works at for the summer . She is attracted to both of them, little does she know that they are best friends and roommates . Will she finally find the men that will  fulfill the fantasies she has or will they leave her in the dust . 

   Hmmmmmmm ok this is Lily's story and it is well written .  At the beginning of the book though Lily really kind of annoyed me , she still seemed to be a little naive in a way and just a little spoiled . I know she is insecure about relationships through out the book . But she really surprised through out the book as she matured and you really got to see the way she truly loves and wants to be loved. The men that come into her life are like polar opposites of each other but are best of friends . Greyson well he is the West coast surfer kind of guy who has money but is a good guy . He is kind of bossy every now and then but deep down in his heart he is a loving man who wants love and wants to love the two people in his life .  Blaine is well he is a broken tortured man who wants to be loved . He has had such a tortured past that still haunts him to this day.  He is just sweet and loving all you want to do is wrap him up in a warm blanket and just hold him and love him .Each of them are complex but when together they really do complete each other . 

  This is the one book I was waiting for, I really wanted to see how Lily grew up and found her loves . The author did a great job in bringing Lily , Greyson and Blaine together. There were moments where I was laughing so hard that I actually snorted and there were many parts where tears were flowing freely especially when Blaine 's story was being told .  There are triggers in this book about past child abuse and sexual abuse in a cult .  This is one of those storires that you can sit down and read in an evening , especially if you love characters that are flawed and broken .So check it out . 

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