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  Good morning peeps , hope you June is going great and you have a long list of books for your summer reading . If you like Greek Mythology I have a good book for you it is the first book in the Gates of the Underworld series . WRATH OF THE GODS by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain 

                           BOOK BLURB

  Why does Ares, the god of war, want me dead?

Cameras, makeup, hair, designer clothing…

In the mortal world, I am my beauty. No one sees beyond it. And it’s been that way for the last 250 years.

Day in and day out—the same.

Until my sister, Janie, dies.

With my world newly shattered, I turn to the only person powerful enough to do something about it—my mother, the goddess Aphrodite…

Who happens to be kind of a bitch.

Regardless, good ol’ Mom informs me that Janie’s soul has been captured by the most hated of the gods, Ares. And he’s keeping Janie hostage in the deepest level of the underworld, the Fifth Gate.

Determined to rescue Janie and with Aphrodite’s ‘blessing’, I travel to the First Gate, the entry point to the Underworld, a hellscape of exploding volcanoes, ashy air and death as far as the eye can see.

Yeah, it’s no Club Med.

Anyway, it’s here I meet the famed Adonis who, in case you were wondering, definitely lives up to his legendary hotness. Unfortunately for him, though, he’s playing sex slave to the power-hungry Queen Azhrea, the ruler of the First Gate (who incidentally insists he wear only a loincloth).

Man-thongs aside, it isn’t long before Azhrea’s army captures me and delivers me to General Adonis. Now imprisoned, I’m at his mercy. And although it seems like Adonis wants to help me, I’m not sure I can trust him because Azhrea’s influence might be too strong.

And even if I’m lucky enough to escape Azhrea and the First Gate, how I am supposed to survive the next four? Not to mention the final face-off with Ares, who wants my head on a silver platter, owing to the hatred he harbors for my mother.

What’s that old phrase about the ‘sins of the parent being visited on the children’?

Yeah, touché.

                      MY REVIEW
   Penelope has it all money , good looks and a job that well would make you envious . She is not having it anymore she is tired of being passed around by her agent . On one fateful night she is shaken to her core. Her sister Janie dies and Pen is out to get her back from the depths of hell . Oh did I forget to tell you that Penelope is the doughtier of Aphrodite and she needs her mothers help to go and find her sister's soul in hell . What she doesn't realize that her sister was taken by Ares to the 5th circle of hell and she has to get through each gate to get her . With the help of Adonis will Pen make it through the first gate and defeat Azhrea the first gate keeper . Will she survive the first gate and will she be able to defeat Ares before he declares war on Mount Olympia,

     Ok if you love Greek mythology you will love these characters . Penelope is a demigoddess and honestly I don't think she likes being what she is now . She is gorgeous and poised people want to be around her . Her agent takes advantage of that and uses her big time . She doesn't realize how strong she actually is .  At first she comes off a little naive in some ways but as you read she gets to be a stronger warrior woman . It takes her awhile but she does come into her own. Adonis well he is a man caught in a web of a evil woman . He is strong and sexy but can not think for himself . When he meets Penelope there is a stirring inside him that makes him want to help her and keep her safe . We also get to meet Ares and Aphrodite in this book . All the characters are well written and complex . 

  If you love Greek mythology this is the book for you . We get to meet a lot of of the Gods and Goddess and we get to fall in love with them. The characters are well written and you really come to care for the main characters . The authors paint a great landscape for the characters to play in . The story was good and it flowed well the authors can write very well together . I did find at the beginning I found that it was just a little slow . Once you hit chapter three the story goes full throttle and you will be up all night .  Over all I really enjoyed this book and can't wait to see more of these characters and the rest of the gates . So if you want a great story for your summer reading list check it out

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