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  Good morning peeps , hope your Thursday is going great . It is still windy here so another day of reading is ahead for me  Today I have for you book 3 in the midlife mermaid series  AMERMAID TO REMEMBER  by Hp Mallory and J. R Rain 

                         BOOK BLURB 

  After nearly losing everything in the most recent battle with Cullen, Eva isn’t sure how to pick up the pieces.

First, there’s Mayer: Yes, he was initially working for Cullen, but when push came to shove, he protected Eva. Indeed, it’s only due to Mayer that Eva is even still free. Yet he also backstabbed her, so she isn’t sure how she should feel towards him or whether she can or should ever trust him again.

Then there’s Mara—once Eva’s best friend, now things are beyond rocky between the two mermaids. All Eva wants is to resolve this feud between them, but unless Eva agrees to return to Corsica, Mara doesn’t want to talk.

Then there’s Eva’s friendship with Wendy that’s falling apart at the seams because Eva can’t tell Wendy the truth about what and who she really is.

Next up is Sawyer—that seems to be the only relationship in Eva’s life that’s going well. After surviving what they have together, Sawyer realizes what Eva means to him, but soon the question becomes whether it’s a good time to discover what could exist between them?

The answer appears to be ‘no’ since Cullen is still on the loose and Eva’s heart is torn between the two men…

                      MY REVIEW
 Eva and the gang are back and right after the battle with Cullen . They are beaten and battered but they are alive and together . Mara is fighting with Eva , Sawyer is there for her but there is more brewing between . Mayer is the loose cannon he was working with Cullen at first but when the time came he went against Cullen and fought to save Eva . All Eva wants is to end the feud , feel safe and have a relationship with Sawyer and Cullen to be gone forever . Will she be able to figure out what her wants and will she be able to put the past behind her and stay where she belongs with her friends and family 

  Ok Eva and the gang are back and better then ever . Eva is growing stronger and stronger, she is becoming a very fierce woman . She is taking back her life and will let nothing get in her way. Mayer is the man who you really can't trust , he was underhanded at the beginning but he seems to be trying to make amends for what he has done . He is strong and passionate and wants to be part of a world where he can be loved and love . There is a secret side to him that is well he is like a spy and do you trust him or not . Sawyer oh sweet lovable Sawyer . He is the man who is strong and humble . You want to hug him and take care of him . He is a truly sweet man who would give you his heart and keep your heart save . He will do anything to help out a friend even get her a job. He is the knight in shining armour . Mara is well lets just say that if you met Mara you would probably punch her . She is brooding , flighty and you just can't trust her . She is just a horrible person and trust me you will dislike her . 

 Ok this book starts basically where book two left off , after the big fight on the beach .  The characters in this book are so well written and you will love them. I started this book and couldn't wait to see what happens but as I read I really didn't want the book to end . I wanted to see how things turned out and if Sawyer and Eva get together . See if Mayer and Mara will get what is coming to them .  The authors have created such wonderful characters and such a story that will keep you reading the whole series . Mermaids are looking for love to . This is the last book in the series and I loved each book . So if you want a series for some good fun reading for the summer check it out . 

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