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  Good morning peeps, I think the cold has finally hit my computer, she sure doesn't want to work this morning . I hope that everyone  is ready for Christmas. Today I have book 24 in the Haven Hollow series. ARMED AND CHARMED by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain

                        BOOK BLURB

  The seal on the spell that’s been keeping my Fae side in check is due to break tonight at midnight…

And I’m set to marry a man I don’t really know, and what I do know of him, I don’t particularly like.

All because some stupid prophecy (from before I was even born) proclaimed as much.

Talk about a crappy deal…

With my Fae powers set to take over and the threat of becoming the Queen of the Winter Court becoming all too real, I find myself stuck at the bar of the Half-Moon Grill in a full-blown pity party.

In walks Maverick, a bounty hunter who occasionally works for me and who’s become the closest thing I have to a friend in Haven Hollow.

Learning of my predicament, Maverick offers me a way out—marry him instead.

At least in title only.

Marrying Maverick would definitely free me from having to marry Prince Reynard of the Autumn Court (otherwise known as Fox Aspen). It will also resolve that blasted prophecy, but after my first marriage went down in flames, do I really want to go for round two?

Short answer: no.

But it doesn’t look like I have much of a choice. It’s either marry Maverick, and my life will basically stay the same, or I don’t and suffer the consequences.

Little do I know, the consequences are coming for me no matter what I choose…

                     MY REVIEW

 Taliyah is not having a good day, her powers are coming in fast and her wedding date is getting closer and closer. She doesn't want to become the queen of the winter court and even more she doesn't want to marry the prince of the autumn court. Enter Maverick, Wanda's brother, he gives her an out that could save her from heading to the Fae court as their queen. What they don't know is that the consequences have a way of biting you in the butt and taking you away from those you care about. Will they be able to fight for what they want and what they both need even though they might not know it. 

   Ok I have to admit something to you all Tallyah really wasn't my favourite character in the other books, but she redeemed herself in this book . I finally got to feel the pain and hurt that Tallyah had in her heart. She has been through so much and we get to see the hurt she has in her heart. Tallyah really grows in this book and becomes one fierce woman who will not let anything get in her way. Maverick really came through and he really showed us that he is more then just Wanda's brother and misfit in a way.  They are a great fighting team and prove that there can be a love between them. 

  It is fun to always go back to Haven Hollow it is like going home. Each book has a different character featured. The characters are well written and complex and you really cheer for them. The authors have created a town that has all the feelings of any small town but they are supernatural's. This was a fun read that I couldn't put down. I laughed so hard through out , I mean Taliyah making it snow in her living room alone is so funny, I really enjoyed this story so if you want a fun read check it out

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