Thursday, December 8, 2022


  Good morning peeps, hope things are going well. Today I have a new book for you from a brand new author . SHADES OF NIGHT (Night Order book one) by Rachael Boucker. 

                             BOOK BLURB

 Fated for greatness; Destined for pain.

A prophecy of beauty, untold power and the strength to save them all.

They said I was destined to save every witch, my entire race, but life is never that cut-and-dried. I am Aramay Shenade, or Shade for short.

After a demon attack left me scarred, the Night Order elders declared the prophecy was broken, discarded and my destiny along with it. No longer tied to fate, my sister Dellena and I, chose our own path, cutting down every demon that crossed it. That was until the fateful day I pulled the demon-cursed Nora from the mud and the world around us began to unravel. War is upon us and the demons are gathering.

Now I must walk the path of a destiny I thought had abandoned me. Will I be able to correct the tides of war before the demons destroy us all? I can only hope those I hold dearest will not be sacrificed in the struggle.

                     MY REVIEW 
   Aramay has been told that she was destined to save every witch, but life is never that easy. After being attacked by a demon the Night Order declared the prophecy broken and threw her away and her destiny with it.  Now that they aren't tied to a destiny it is time to choose their own path, so along with her sister  Dellena they are off to kill every demon that crosses their path. Now they are walking the path that was denied her and war is coming. Will they be able to correct the past mistakes or will they be sacrificed in the struggle . 

 There are a wide range of characters in this story. Aramay aka Shade is sympathic loving person who is fighting some internal demons of her own. Like she is having a hard time with body issues and how to keep her destiny going. Dellena well she brings the humor to the group even if it is a little caustic. She was fun to see how she interacts with others that she meets. Each character was very well written and complex in their own rights. Nora was one of those characters that you really don't know what will happen with her .  Nora is a difficult one to read. 

  This is a dark gritty novel that really wasn't what I thought it was. The story is so much darker then I expected it to be. We are thrown right into the action from the first page and it doesn't let up. There are some really kick butt characters that you get to meet through out the book. You will be flipping through the book so fast and on the edge of your seat most of the time. There are some triggers in this book of sexual assaults, torture, violence and death. If any of those bother you this might not be the book for you. There are so many twists and turns through out this book that will have you entertained for hours. I truly enjoyed this book and this author's way of writing. So, if you want a good fantasy book with amazing characters check it out. 

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