Friday, December 16, 2022

Happy Friday all

  Good afternoon all and welcome to the deep freeze here on the farm. Today I have for you book 2 in the Trailer Park Vampire series. HILLBILLIES AND HELL HOUNDS by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. 

                            BOOK BLURB 

  There’s never a dull day in Windy Ridge.

When I’m not trying to play mama to a restless and spirited teenager, I’m out in the woods trying to round up monsters.

And let’s not even bring up my love life—something that’s been nonexistent for years. That is until an old flame from high school decides to step back into my life. And my heart.

The only thing is… Sheriff Dean Hawke (the above-mentioned old flame) seems to be hiding his own secrets. Whenever I try to bring up his past, he deflects or ignores the subject altogether. And that’s definitely one of those things that makes you go hmmm…

Of course, I can’t think on the secretive sheriff for long. Not when things in Windy Ridge are getting downright infernal, with random fires popping up all over the danged place.

Quick to pick up the scent of the burning trail, I’ll find myself in the big city, the sheriff by my side, as we try to get to the bottom of the mystery of the burned-out remains of the Thatcher house.

In the process, I might just be able to put to bed one of the sheriff’s own mysteries.

All in a night’s work by Windy Ridge’s own vampire waitress and monster hunter…

                       MY REVIEW
  Welcome back to Windy Ridge, Twila and the boys are out hunting monsters, finding new ones each day. Sheriff Dean is helping out and he is hiding secrets of his own. When things start to get hot literally with fires popping up all over. Twila and Dean are on the hunt to figure out what is happening with the fires Will they get to the bottom of the fires and will Twila get to the bottom of the sheriff's secrets. 

 Twila and the gang are back and honestly funnier then ever. Twila is just as kick butt as ever and is getting into more trouble. I mean getting shot with buckshot and then bent over a table well you get the picture.  One funny hilarious thing after another happens to poor Twila and she bounced back feistier then ever.  Dean is well he is a man with secrets but he is still sexy and sweet with a little bit of devil in him to make you want in your life. Sicily is a fire ball she is one cool cookie and wants to help out wherever she can but like everyone else she is hiding secrets from her mother. You will love her and want to wrap her up in a blanket and tell her everything will be ok. These are such fun characters and each one the characters grow and get more and more complex

 This is one of those books that is just a fun book to read . I love those kind of books after a long day of well almost anything. The characters are well written and the story is just fun to read. I mean when you have someone picking buck shot of your butt over a kitchen table just sent me off into fits of giggles. The authors have a great way of building the story and the characters. This is one of those series that will have you rolling in your seat all the way through and also wanting to wrap up a few characters in warm blankets and hugging them and telling them everything will be ok .If you want a fun mystery with a bit of romance check out this series for your Christmas reading list . 

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