Tuesday, December 6, 2022


  Good morning everyone, hope your week is going well. It is frigid here on the farm today a great day to curl up and read. Today I have for you book 23 in the Haven Hollow series, PAN'S DELIGHT by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain 

                        BOOK BLURB 

 The cold touch of winter has hit Haven Hollow…

Something naughty is plaguing the mundanes of Haven Hollow lately.

‘Naughty’ as in dancing curses that leave the victim exhausted and even injured, every milk product in town souring for no apparent reason, and elf-knots that are nearly impossible to brush out of your hair…

After deciding these curses are fae created, we call in Prince Reynard, the Prince of the Autumn Court, otherwise known as Fox Aspen.

The only problem? Fox is currently waging his own war with our Chief of Police, Taliyah, who is meant to be Fox’s intended but won’t have anything to do with him or his marriage proposal.

As if that weren’t enough to put us all on edge, Finn is challenging my ability to be a cool, calm, and collected mother. Even though he means well, every time he tries to help someone, he’s left exhausted, pale, and sickly. And I’m getting more and more concerned.

With questions about Finn’s magician abilities, I turn to the only person who can provide answers—a man I haven’t seen in five months but one who has dominated my thoughts every day since.

Alixandre Osmont, the English magician, otherwise known as Andre...

Between trying to decipher who is behind the fae pranks, battling my teenage son, and trying to keep my feelings in check for a certain British magician, I’ve got my hands full and then some.

                       MY REVIEW 

 Poppy and the gang are back and trying to figure out why people are getting hurt from dancing or waking up with knots in their hair. With all that going on, Poppy is also trying to deal with Finn's new power and the fact that he is getting exhausted by healing people. He is also your typical teenager with attitude. There is one person that can help her out Andre the magician, will she be able to hang on to her heart and figure out what is going on in Haven Hollow before people really start to get hurt. 

 Ok, I love these characters very much but this time I really couldn't figure Poppy out. Usually, she is a very strong feisty woman who doesn't let things get to her. This time I felt she was like a teenager who was trying to figure out who she should date. It was a little redundant about her always saying I have a boyfriend all the time. When push comes to shove though she does come through and fight for those she loves. Finn really becomes a teenager and a person in his own right. He does start to grow up and want to help people the way his mom and friends do. We also get the rest of the town back also. Andre is back to help out Finn and maybe fall in love with Poppy. Marty well he is still the good guy that you can count on to help out. 

   I read this book in an evening, I really like the Haven Hollow series. It is like going home to a small town with great characters that you know and love. With each book we see Haven Hollow change and grow with each new addition to the town. We get to see the characters grow and live. I truly liked this book, but I did have a bit of trouble getting into the story. I felt like it wasn't the best book in the series, but it was still a good story. Overall, I enjoyed this   book and can't wait till the next book comes out. Check out the series and laugh your way through the holidays.

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