Tuesday, June 13, 2023


  Good morning my peeps , I hope you week is going well and you are enjoying the sun or the rain if you are lucky enough to get rain. Today I have for you book 29 in the Haven Hollow Series by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. VELVET VOODOO. 

                           BOOK BLURB

  I got 99 problems, but the witch ain’t one of ‘em…


First problem? Maverick and his bad attitude are going to cause the death of me. Thank God he’s got Taliyah to keep him somewhat sane because otherwise, I’d start pulling my hair out.

Not only is Maverick cramping my style big time, but then there’s the fact that I have to pretend that I’ve been turned into a vampire, so going out in the daytime is no longer a possibility.

And try being High Witch to your coven when you can only come out at night…

Meanwhile, I’m doing my very best to get Imani to join our ranks, and I’m stressed.

Especially because things in Scapegrace Coven aren’t exactly jolly at the moment, everyone seems to be at everyone else’s throats, and when a box of love letters goes missing, that just kicks off our own civil war.

Add to that a vampire who appears to be on the loose in Haven Hollow, a body showing up on my doorstep, and a ransacked store, and what’s that spell?

                     MY REVIEW 
 Wanda is not having the best week, between trying to act like a vampire and get a dress done for a new member of the coven. She doesn't need the coven going at each other and a mystery of a box of love letter that have gone missing, to her store being tossed over and a body showing up dead . To top it off Maverick has been on her tail and grouchier then ever . What is a girl to do ?

 Wanda and the gang are back and well funnier then ever. Wanda is having a bad week she is trying to keep her secret under wraps and it is getting harder to do that turning her life upside down .She is becoming a softer not as explosive version of her earlier self. She has been through so much an I love the softer side of her. Maverick is well he is really being a grouch he is really not having a good day either. He has so much going on trying to keep up appearances and helping out Wanda and that is leading him to bite off everyone's head . He is really trying to not let everything get to him but there are moments . The rest of the gang is back too and funnier then ever. 

   This is book 29 in the series but don't let that fact get you done. They are a fast read that will have you laughing all the way through them.  The characters are ever evolving and becoming more and more complex with each book.  The authors have built a great town in Haven Hallow and it just keeps growing and growing . Over all I really enjoyed this installment but I did feel it was kind of in a rut. A lot of past installment was rehashed through out the book. I did feel that was kind of repetitive . Over all I truly enjoyed this book and the  rest of the series. This would be a great beach read series for this summer so check it out.

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