Thursday, June 8, 2023


 Good morning my peeps , I hope that you are all having a great Friday eve. Today is release day for book two in the Black Book series DANGEROUS PURSUIT  by Theresa Sederholt. 

                           BOOK BLURB

  There are some secrets that seep out the sides of even the most confined places. Secrets that get people killed when they are supposed to be protected by them. Secrets that change the dynamics of life as we know it.

Michelina has been a victim of all these possibilities. The only thing she can do is continue to search for answers and try not to get herself killed in the process.

Family can be a wonderful blessing. It can also come at a cost. The more Michelina learns about her family, the larger it grows and may just cost her everything.

Luca is doing everything in his power to keep the woman he loves safe and the truth from spreading like wildfire. But when a bullet, meant for his brother, is closing in on its target, instincts kick in and the truth explodes all around them.

There is one man at the helm of these wicked lies and deceit: Agosto. For years he thought he was doing the right thing. Maybe he was, or maybe he was unknowingly supplying the ammo to have his entire family taken out.

                        MY REVIEW

  Michelina is finding out more and more about her family she never knew. Secrets that can get you killed The more she learns the more her life is in danger. Luca is trying to keep everyone safe especially Michelina the woman he loves. But, when a bullet that is meant for his brother, he takes and the truth is about to come out. Agosto thought he was doing the right thing, maybe he thought he was doing the right thing but then maybe he might be setting everyone up to be taken out . 

  Michelina and Luca are back and fighting for their lives. Michelina has had a lot thrown at her in such a short time. She is still a little naive but getting stronger with each thing that is thrown at her and that is a lot of stuff. She is finally finding her back bone and trying to figure out how to save herself and the family. Luca is finding himself falling for Michelina and being confused , he has a job to do but he is wanting more from his life and Michelina is what he wants . He is at a cross roads and wants to do what is right for the family but also wants to have his life start.  Between friends and family who can you trust and these characters are being put through the ringer . Agosto is trying to right the past and find his brothers books . Agosto is an old man who is trying to figure out his place in the world where things are changing everyday. He wants to keep everyone safe but there is a price that they all must pay to stay safe. He is sweet but can still be as cunning as a snake . He will do whatever it takes to keep everyone safe. Jessica well she is the one that takes control but deep down inside I think there is a scared little girl that just wants to be loved . There were moments that I really just wanted to smack her upside the head but she did redeem herself and became the character that everyone needed . These characters are getting more and more complex with each book and you will love them for what they are and what they will become. 

 This is the second book in the series and leaves off where book one ended . The story is picking up and getting better with each turn of the page. There are twists and turns that had me on the edge of my seat most of the way through. The characters are very well written and becoming more and more complex. There is romance , yes i said romance, and the mystery of who is trying to kill them and also a story of a family that has been torn apart but trying to figure out who knows what and when things went down. Yes it is a mafia story but it also has a heart behind it . I truly enjoyed the story and I really want to know where the author is taking them. I really want to know how things are going to end and who survives the aftermath. This would be a great series for you summer reading list . It is a fast read and you will get sucked in and not put it down, Check it out and add it to your tbr pile .

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