Tuesday, June 6, 2023


  Good morning peeps I hope your week is going well and you are staying cool. Today I have for you a new author Maria Vermisoglou and her book SPIN TO SLEEP.

                          BOOK BLURB

   Guarded for generations, Dahlia’s spinning wheel stood untouched in its glass case…

Plagued by visions and voices in her head, Ivy trains as a witch’s apprentice, shielded from the sleeping curse.
When her friends persuade her to visit Chillbury, she follows, hoping to uncover the origins of the infamous curse.
In her quest for answers, she unwittingly causes her best friend to fall under the grasp of the sleeping curse.
If she listens to the voices in her head, she’ll break the curse. If she doesn’t, everyone could suffer the consequences of her denial.
Will Ivy accept her destiny and break the curse, or will she be trapped in the haunted mansion?

                    MY REVIEW 
     Ivy is a witch's apprentice who has been untouched by the sleeping curse that was set in motion by Dahlia's spinning wheel which has been untouched under glass for generations. When  Ivy's friends persuade her to head to Chillbury things start to happen. The voices in her head are warning her and the visions she is getting are telling her something but Ivy can't figure them out. Until her friend falls under the spell of the sleeping curse. Now she has to listen to those voices and save them all from the curse if she fails everyone will be cursed to sleep. Will she be able to break the curse or will she be trapped forever in the castle. 

There are such fun characters in this story. Ivy is a sweet girl that is stronger then you think. She may come off as a little naive sometimes but she is a fighter. Fox is the young man who is there to help Ivy figure everything out . There are moments when Fox comes off cocky and kind of a wanker . The characters are vast and varied and well written . 

  This is a well told fairy tale with a great twist , the author takes us on an adventure through magic and curses and what one can do when confronted with something they aren't aware of . I love that fact that the author mashed together sleeping beauty and the snow queen into a good story of friends and what you do to help them out. I did feel the book was a bit rushed towards the end but over all I did really enjoy the story and the twists of the fairy tale . I am going to say that kids between the ages of 12 and up could read this book and love it cause it really does have a good ya feel to it . So if you want a fun fast read for your summer list or even your teen agers book list check it out .

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