Friday, September 15, 2023


   Good morning my peeps, we made it to Friday wooohooooo. It is going to be a reading weekend for me so many good books coming out for the fall . Today I have for you book 5 in the Midlife Mysteries series. GONE FOR GOOD  by Hp Mallory. 

                           BOOK BLURB 

   London, 1880


When Spencer gets stuck inside the magical Midnight Garden, I will not rest until I can release him.
Unfortunately, Inspector Grant Stirling isn’t thinking along the same lines. Truth be told, I believe he’d happily wipe his hands of the garden and Spencer.
Good thing for Spencer that he isn’t relying on Scotland Yard!
Realizing I am quite over my head in this paranormal matter, I seek the counsel of none other than Mrs. Thorndike, the only person who can handle such a crisis.
And if Mrs. Thorndike can’t help me? Then I’m not certain who can.


It’s true that I have no love for Mr. Spencer. Perhaps that’s why I don’t find myself in much of a panic where he and the Midnight Garden are concerned.
Truth be told, it would be of much benefit to Philippa if she were to wipe her hands clean of the reprobate.
But unfortunately for me, as an inspector of Scotland Yard, my duty is towards all of London’s citizens and Mr. Spencer falls squarely in such category.
So, much though I don’t like the blasted man, I am willing to help, even if that means voyaging into the world of spirits—something I scarce understand.
And something I understand even less? These feelings for Philippa that plague me day and night. Very soon I will have to make a decision—remove myself from her for good, or act on my instincts and make her mine…

                        MY REVIEW 
  Phillipa and Grant are back at the Midnight Garden. Spencer has disappeared into the garden and no one can find him. Grant seems happy that he is gone but Phillipa feels it is her fault that Spencer is trapped and will do almost anything to get him sprung. To make matters even worse Grant is having a crisis of what he should do about Phillipa does he take himself out of the equation or should he act on his feelings and make her his. Will Phillipa be able to bring back Spencer or will she loose a friend and will Grant understand her power and still want her like he does . 

 Phillipa, Grant and Spencer are back and well more complex. Spencer is lost in the garden and wondering if he will ever be saved. He is really a central figure in this episode . He is used by the garden and falls for a ghost . He is slowly loosing himself in the fantasy. He is one of those characters that you love to hate . Phillipa and Grant are so well written and I love the complexity of their relationship and what they do mean to each other . Phillipa is very strong willed and has to do the right thing . Grant is a by the books kind of man who has a hard time believing in the spirit world but with Phillipa's help he starts to see what she is made of and what she can do. They compliment each other so well. 

 This is a fun read that you can read in a weekend. The characters are well written and complex . You will love them and cheer for them . The author has a fun and quirky way of getting her characters together finally. You will have to read the books in order but they are a fast read so if you want a fun book for this fall check out the series .

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