Friday, September 1, 2023


  Good day my peeps well we made it to September , where the heck did summer go. I guess it is time to start the fall reading list. Today I have for you book 31 in the Haven Hollow series .SUMMER SOLSTICE by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain. 

                          BOOK BLURB

    In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity…

Or, at least, that’s what Albert Einstein said.

But I’m not sure I believe it because it seems everything in my life has gone to heck, but I have yet to find an opportunity in any of it.

Things are going so bad, in fact, that I’m wondering if I’ve been cursed.

Of course, I don’t really have any enemies, so who in the world would want to curse me? Not only that, but Wanda insists I’m not cursed so maybe this bad luck is just exactly that… bad luck?

Well, one thing I do know is that life would be a whole heck of a lot easier if I didn’t have this constant guilt gnawing away at me regarding my breakup with Marty.

Sure said breakup was eight months ago, but things between us aren’t good—as in, he won’t really speak to me and that’s something that bothers me more than I can say.

And as to Andre, the incredibly handsome and charming British magician who moved to Haven Hollow in order to instruct Finn in magic? Well, I’ve sort of, kind of, put things on hold between the two of us.

Why? Because I can’t stomach the idea that Marty might think I’ve moved on so quickly.

As things in my personal life continue to blow up (not even exaggerating), I start to wonder if whatever is going on is supernaturally motivated…

Meanwhile, I’m trying to talk myself out of the fear that meets me every time I think of starting something romantic with Andre.

Yes, worries and guilt about Marty are part of the reason I’ve been holding back, but the other part?

Well, that’s all on me and my fear that this could turn out to be just another failed relationship in a string of failed relationships...

                        MY REVIEW 

 Since Poppy broke up with Marty and found out she has feelings for Andre, things haven't been going well for her . She is having nightmares and potions aren't working out for her. Even when it comes to meeting the new neighbour has it draw backs . When it comes to her son things kind of go sideways when a teenager and a mother under a hex collide. What can help Poppy out when at the fall festival she is attacked and held against her will, things come out and we get to see a new supernatural come into play . Will the town of Haven Hollow help Poppy out and will Poppy figure out she had the answer the whole time. 

  Poppy and the gang are back.  Poppy is having such a bad time of it lately. Ever since Christmas she just hasn't been herself. She has lost her best friend and also found her soul mate with another . The guilt of all that has happened has Poppy not feeling quite right and honestly doubting herself. Honestly there were moments you want to wrap Poppy up in a blanket and other times you kind of want to slap her out of it . You really feel for her while she is stumbling through what is happening . Wanda and the gang are back ready to help defend Poppy against what ever is happening .. They are always stronger when they are all together and fighting for each other. 

  This is the book I have been waiting for since I read Poppy's Christmas story. I wanted to find out what all happened in the after math. The authors really ramped up the angst in this book. We really get to see the other side of Poppy the one that really isn't sure of herself and feeling guilty over thing she did. The story is a fun read and I love going back to these characters for a fun afternoon read. The characters are like old friends that you can come back to anytime. This must be read in order to understand what is going on and the characters you will fall for. So check out the Haven Hollow series for your fall reading list.

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