Monday, September 18, 2023


  Good morning my peeps. hope your weekend was great and you start this week off with a bang . Today I have for you FASHIONABLY FIERCE  book eighteen in the Hot Damn series by Robyn Peterman 

                             BOOK BLURB 

 The twenty-first century is quite the horrifying eye-opener for a Vampyre warrior whose been in a magical coma for a thousand years.

The Vampyre in question would be me. I’m so damned confused by the modern world, and getting electrocuted for being misogynistic — whatever that means — is getting old.

It’s insanity. Apparently, there’s a species called Karens running in the wild. The Tube of You and the Book of the Faces are alarming. From what I understand, the Karens gather there. I much prefer homing pigeons to the small rectangular metal box the undead of today seem to favor. Although, I am enamored with the horseless metal chariots.

The good old days of skin peeling and ripping out entrails are over. So be it. I’ll fit in. Getting set aflame sucks.

Plus, there’s a beautiful blonde who’s in my every waking thought. She might not know it yet, but we’re destined to be. Although, every time I cop a feel, I get my nards kneed up into my esophagus. My wooing skills might be a little rusty…

Armed with the magic word, please, and the challenge of using my words instead of my sword, I shall succeed.

I’m fierce.

I’m fabulous.

And I’m in love.

                     MY REVIEW

  Astrid and the gang are back and funnier then ever . When a thousand year old vampyre is woken up he is not liking the 21 century. Rhys isn't understanding how the world is working and he is tired of getting  electrocuted because of his not wanting to adapt . But Juliet is also trying to redeem herself after trying to kill Astrid and everyone else. She and Rhys are off on an adventure set out by Mother Nature to find an mystical object.  Together they will work to find the objects and maybe fall in love along the way . 

  Omg these characters are crazy, Rhys is having such a hard time in the new world, he tries so hard but he is tired of getting electrocuted. He is a sweet guy but still is a warrior and he wants to peel skin to end an argument.   He can be uncouth but that just adds to his charm. Juliet well she was I am going to say a little crazy. She tried to kill Astrid and her family but she is trying to do amends to Astrid but its slow. She may come off as a bad woman but inside she is a hurt little girl that just wants to be loved and to love. When they come together they are a force to be reckoned with,   Martha and Jane are also back and funnier then ever . Mother Nature is hilarious also. I love these characters so much they are well written and complex. 

  This another one of the authors books that should come with a warning label. Don't drink anything while reading or you could end up choking because of laughing so hard. This is a fun read that had me laughing so hard I had tears running down my face a few times . The characters are fun and the story is so out there all you can do is laugh. I mean who would not laugh at a fowl mouthed vampyre who gets set on firer and electrocuted just for opening his mouth. So if you want a good series to read check out the Hot Damned series . Add it to your fall reading list . 

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