Tuesday, September 19, 2023


 Good morning my peeps, I hope your week is going well and you are finding all your fall books . Today I have for you LACE LAMENTS book 32 in the Haven Hollow series by Hp Mallory and J.R Rain 

                         BOOK BLURB

 Something is up with Lorcan.

And I’m fairly sure I’m not just imagining things—he’s been distracted, working later than usual, appears exhausted, and was that vanilla perfume I smelled on him?

Regardless of what’s going on with the undead nuisance, I’ve got my own problems to deal with.

Namely, I’ve been pinpointed as the main suspect in a murder!

I know—as if I have the time or the interest to kill someone.


Anyway, before this situation gets any worse, I need to prove my innocence, stat.

Just how am I going to do that? Stick around and find out…

                    MY REVIEW 
   Welcome back to Haven Hollow, Wanda is not having a good week . First she is working on a wedding night set for a young werewolf who really doesn't seem to want to get married. Then Lorcan is acting really weird even for him. When Wanda becomes a suspect in a murder she will have to go it alone to find out who the actual murderer is. Will she be able to prove her innocence an better yet will she find out what Lorcan is up to. 
   This is a fun read, it is nice to see Wanda actually shaken and worried.  She is always so put together and kind of cocky when it comes to anything witchy. She is still sure of herself but you do get to see that facade crack just a little and she does admit to herself that she could be in big trouble. She becomes more vulnerable in this story. Lorcan well he is being run ragged trying to keep Wanda safe. He seems more ravaged this time around he doesn't seem to be the suave debonair man that he usually is. It is nice to see them with more feeling and showing that they are more then just the haughty coven head and the suave vampire. 
   Ok this was such a fun read, the authors really kind of put everyone through the wringer .  The characters are like old friends and you really want them to be ok while they are going through what ever the authors have in mind. I love this series it is always like coming home when you come back to Haven Hollow. This is a fun book that I really couldn't put down . I laughed so hard through out . So if you want a great fun series check out the Haven Hollow series 

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