Monday, October 16, 2023


  Good Monday morning my peeps, I hope your weekend was great and you got some good books read. Today I have for you book 4 in the Harland Creek Mystery quilters THE MYSTERY OF THE LOG CABIN  by Jodi Allen Brice. 

                           BOOK BLURB 

 Hi, I’m Dove Agnew and let me tell you, it’s been a year in the small Southern town of Harland Creek.

Just when I thought I could take a break from solving murders and sort out my emotions, fate had other plans. Dean, my ex-boyfriend and local chief of police, confessed that he still had feelings for me. Unable to resist our emotional connection, we began meeting in secret around town to talk, but our meetings often led to passionate and guilt-ridden kisses.
Dean suggested we escape to his secluded log cabin for some much-needed privacy and to resolve our complicated situation. Hoping for a peaceful getaway, we expected heart-to-heart conversations to make sense of our emotions. However, our romantic intentions were shattered when, on our first night at the cabin, we opened the door to discover Luke Merriweather, a local resident, lifeless on our doorstep with an arrow in his chest.
As the small town's law enforcement struggles to uncover the truth, a cloud of suspicion hangs over certain residents, each of whom becomes a potential suspect.
I turn to my tribe of mystery quilters, a tight-knit group of amateur sleuths who excel in piecing together puzzles, both in fabrics and in investigations. Among them is Petunia, a quirky pet goat with an uncanny knack for sniffing out clues. Together, we must dig into the tangled web of secrets, lies, and hidden motives that lie beneath the surface of our seemingly idyllic small town.
As the investigation deepens, my team and I soon realize that the mystery surrounding Luke Merriweather’s death is far more complex than we ever anticipated. Each revelation uncovers long-buried secrets and exposes unexpected connections between the town's inhabitants. As we encounter unexpected twists and threats, we must decipher the clues to unmask the true culprit and bring justice to our community.
In "The Mystery of the Log Cabin," I learn that the line between friends and enemies in a small town can blur, making it challenging to trust anyone.

                      MY REVIEW 
  Dove is back with her gang of quilters and Petunia. Dove is trying to figure out her relationship with Dean after he declares his love for her and then broke up with his girlfriend. She is worried about her reputation of being a home wrecker . So they decide to go to his cabin for the weekend so they can talk and not even an hour into their weekend  a dead body ends up on Dean's door step. They are thrown into another mystery and her group of quilters are ready to figure out the mysteries of Luke Merriweather and who would want to kill him. With their help Dove might figure out more then the mystery maybe she can finally figure out her feelings and why she is hiding them from people in the small town she lives in. 

 I absolutely love Dove and the gang , they are so much fun to hang out with. Even though Dove is being struck with a bout of conscious about her feeling for Dean. There are moments where you just want to shake her and tell her that Dean is the one for her. She is such a sweet woman and a great detective when things go awry. Dean well he has the patience of a saint when it comes to Dove. He loves her and has always loved her even when they broke up. He is sweet and sexy and just an all around good guy. The quilting ladies are also back and honestly funnier then ever . My favourite character is Petunia the goat who loves to help out the ladies even if she gets car sick. She brings a bit of happiness to everyone she comes in contact with.

  I absolutely adore this series , it involves mystery, humor and a dash of romance. There is no lack of suspects and the twists and turns will have you trying to figure out who did it . The author takes us on a laugh out loud ride through out this book. The characters are well written and complex and you can't help but fall in love with them. It is a great afternoon read that I couldn't put down.  I would read the other books before diving into this one so you can get to know the characters and their quirks and then dive into this one . So if you want a sweet story and mystery all rolled into one check it out .

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