Monday, October 2, 2023


  Good morning my peeps well we are now into hot chocolate and sweater months. Welcome to October its time to fill your kindles with some fun books to read while the weather turns cold . Today I have for you book 33 in the Haven Hollow series . ENCHANTED EMPORUIM by Hp Mallory and JR Rain 

                         BOOK BLURB

 Hi, my name is Lydia, and I’m a gypsy.

Or, I was a gypsy. Now, I’m not really sure what I am.

What I do know is that I’m in trouble.

That’s the reason why I’m in the process of moving to Haven Hollow: because I need the safety and protection only a hollow can offer.

After a witch named Indigo walked into my occult shop and literally blew up, her soul affixed itself to mine, and now I’m basically possessed.

To make matters worse? Whoever was responsible for Indigo going ‘boom’ knows she’s not exactly dead and gone.

Which means he’s now after me.

As if I didn’t have enough on my plate with a divorce that’s been dragging out for the last three years, and a struggling business.

Now, I’m just trying to stay alive.

Good thing my realtor, the very sexy Angelo Stendham, is looking out for me because I know nothing about this world of supernatural monsters of which I’m now a member.

                  MY REVIEW 

   Welcome back to the hollow where the magical community is tight knit and for Lydia she was ready for a brand new start where noone knew her and where she might get her book store up and running again. But like with everything in life things don't always go as planned . Lydian is a gypsy and well honestly she also has a witch living in her body with her and an ex that is driving her crazy and now she is trying to stay alive . Angelo is the one thing that is there to help her out and when she is taken and almost sold at a supernatural black market auction. Things won't be the same when the gang from Haven Hollow come to the rescue.  

 Well when you think you couldn't have a new read in a series poof we get a new book with new characters to add to the universe .  In this book we get to meet Lydia and Indigo a gypsy and a witch that are trapped together in Lydia's body after something horrific happens . Lydia is well she is a wall flower who seems to be having the worse time of her life. She doesn't really know what or who she is but when push comes to shove she is a fighter. Angelo is back and yes he is still as cocky as ever but we actually get to see a different side to him. A side that isn't all for show and isn't trying to bed every woman in town, he is an incubus so it is easy for him . Fifi and the gang are back to help find Lydia and save her. It is great to see the characters we love become more complex you just fall for them even more and Angelo is fast becoming one of those characters that you will fall in love with. 

  This is one of those reads that you can sit down and read in an afternoon. The characters are well loved its like going back home to greet them all. Haven Hollow is like one of those small towns that you just drive through and fall in love with. Even with the supernatural beings that are living there . The authors are always finding ways to expand the universe but always keeping it centered on the Hollow and its residents . The characters are well written and you see them evolve and grow through each story that is told . Reading each book is like going home to see friends and family. If you want a fun read check out this series , you will have a fun time . Great for your fall reading list 

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