Friday, October 20, 2023


  Good afternoon my peeps, hope you are all ready for the weekend. If you are looking for a great book to read this weekend I have for you HOMICIDAL INNOCENCE by VJ Lee. 

                        BOOK BLURB 

 What happens when your learned behavior is murder?

From a young age, I thought killing was normal.

Then I was taken away.

They tried to fix me.

They failed.

They thought changing my identity and giving me a fresh start in a new town would help.                         They were wrong.
They tried to cast out the demons lurking within my mind.
It didn’t work.
The demons demand satisfaction, regardless of who must die.

Diamond Valley, the land of silicone and plastic, is now my hunting ground.
I take the most beautiful of all, turning them into my trophies—like beautiful butterflies on display for eternity, encased in glass and metal.

The ones I don’t deem worthy are found in the most gruesome ways, for all to see what’s truly on the 

Everyone can and will perish in the most horrific ways if we deem it so—except for the most beautiful inside and out. Maya Archer will always be ours—mine and the demons within me.

Detective Cole Silverthorne has spent his entire career chasing me. He has no idea how close I truly am, or that he’s falling in love with what’s mine, which will never do.

Once a killer, always a killer.

                      MY REVIEW 
  Diamond Valley is a place where the rich come to live and play. Where nannies are abundant and they all want to marry the rich guy. Except Maya Archer, she is not like the other nannies around, she generally cares for the child she is minding and wants to keep him safe.  One day she meets a shy dad and his twins at the park where her and the kids start to form a friendship. Things are going great until nannies are going missing and the house of the people she nannies for goes up in flames.  She meets detective Cole Silverthorne a hot cop who has been on this case for a long time. Together they are trying to find out who the killer is and why he is targeting Maya. If they keep their heads about themselves they just might come out of this alive. 
   Ok this is one of those books that you go into and think ok i can figure out who the killer is and why they are doing it . But the characters are well written and complex . Maya is one of those characters that  is sweet and oh so kind, she reminds me of Mary Poppins in a way . There is an underlying strength to her though that will help her get through the worst time of her life. When everyone is against her we see her grow and become a strong woman who will not be pushed around by anyone man nor child. Cole Silverthorne is a hard as nails detective who well doesn't always play by the books by letting relationships get in the way. He is sexy and debonair but he can really be a twit every now and then.  He does need a good smack every now and then. He does eventually come around and become the hero that everyone needs him to be. John the nerdy hot next door neighbor is well he is one of those guys who is quiet but he knows more then he is letting on. You really can't trust him but you are also lulled into the quiet of him and his kids . There are also some secondary characters the nannies who I like to call the mean girl club which just adds to the story cause you just don't know what is going to happen and if any of them will survive. 
 This is one of those books where you sit down and start reading and you can't put it down . I am usually good at figuring out the bad guy but this book had me baffled. The twists and turns through out had me second guessing myself quite a few times. The characters are so well written and complex you can't help but not like them.  There is a great mystery. romance and a lot of he said she said that goes on in this book .  The author really did me in with this book , I was really wondering what goes on in her mind. So if you want a good mystery with lots of intrigue check it out . I promise you will love it

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