Wednesday, January 29, 2014

day 999 of the frigid cold and wind

Welcome to day 999 of the cold and frigid that is my daily exsistance. I know it hasn't been 999 days of being trapped in the house because of minus 5o with the wind chill. Yes, I admit it got a big ole case of cabin fever going on right now. There is only so much you can do in your house , before the house takes over . The house has never been cleaner and even the closets have been cleaned out.  You also know you haven't seen the outside of a house, when your whole wardrobe consists of pajama pants, bunny hugs and fuzzy slippers. My hair has even hit the hibernation mode . The grey is showing very nicely now. Yes this is a big admission for me I do die my hair. That is the only vain part about me. Don't care about the wrinkles when they come, but the grey hair is just a very sore spot with me. Don't ask me why , but it is. Doesn't help that I have been dying my hair since I  was 20 . dam premature greying gene . THANKS DAD. But I digress.  Some times its nice not having to get dressed or even put on the good bra . Looking like a slob really does have it merits.
1. no one comes for a visit
2 you can go from bed to the couch and not have to worry about getting your clothes all hairy
3 pjs are just dam comfy
4 the animals don't care what you wear when you do chores , just feed them and water them they are happy
5 hubby thinks the pjs are more sexy then the lingerie sitting in your drawer cause its too dam cold to but the lingerie on
6 pjs are the last line of defense in the coldness of everything
7 pretty soon going to need a weed whacker to shave the legs . the razor just wont cut it anymore
8 pjs hide said hairy legs
9 you can never have too many pairs of pjs,
10 pjs are the ultimate embarrassment for anyone you meet if you head to town in said pj bottoms
   So let us pray that spring soon comes our way , Cause holy I need to get out of the pjs and into some capris and tank tops. The most important thing the flip flops , I NEED MY FLIP FLOPS.
But I guess it is time to head to my favourite chair , grab my kindle and get caught up on all my reading . I WILL SEE YOU ALL IN THE SPRING

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