Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Want to have a fun night in , you have to read this boxed set GIRLS NIGHT OUT

     For my first review I have decided to review GIRLS NIGHT OUT BOXED SET , by four amazing authors , Marianne Morea. Allie K Adams, Morgan Kearns and T. Lynne Tolles
   This boxed set is an peek into what girls will do when the guys are away. As we come together
for each other and what ends we will go to help a girlfriend out.

   In Mariannes' novella NIGHT PLAY, we get a sneak peek into what could happen when Lily and the girls are away from the compound . While Sean and the guys are racing the moon,  Lets just say Emily , Sean's sister, plans a no holds bar ladies night, in Boston. Where after a few drinks too many a couple of girls get into a bar fight , and enters Ryan to save the day and maybe steal a certain Emily away .

 In Allies novella HIRING THE PLAYER. It starts out as a fun girls night out for the girls , as they gripe about their exes . As Kayla , Melanie, Ciara and Shannon sit and drink to the good riddance of the exes. They get the idea  to have a boyfriend burn. Which is never a good idea when you are drunk. As they head back to Kayla's apartment . She gets worried that her hot jerk of a neighbor might be home .  As they start the burn , they accidently set the apartment on fire and have to get Jake the sexy firefighter living next door to help them.  As the building is evacuated and deemed no longer livable . Kayla and Jake are forced to live together in a great apartment. While her friends insisting he grant Kayla three wishes . But she can't know about the deal. So Jake has three weeks to show  Kayla
a little fun . Will he keep his promise or loose his heart , you be the judge

In T. Lynne Tolles  SISTERS IN BLOOD.  A Vegas weekend bachelorette party lets the girls of blood , Melanie Katrina , Julianna Alyssa , Sally. Rowan and Darby are heading to Vegas. As they head to the airport they men argue with them about tuxes and why they shouldn't wear them . As Darby is late and has an accident at the airport with a rude French man . She really needs to relax . As the girls grow closer there has to be a little something happens . The girls grow closer and stand up for each other as they say good bye to the old lives and hello to their new ones , And also say good bye to someone that has come to get some closer .

In Morgan Kearns ASSIGNED GUILT. A guilt trip sends Stephanie out to a girls night out with a new friend and at a new club. As she finds out that the meaning of fun takes on a whole new dimension . But new adventures don't necessarily a good thing. When you end up in jail with that new friend and need to be rescued . In walks Gavin Scott to save the day . As Stephanie and her new friend Denali find themselves in a Vegas jail after getting into trouble.

    These are awesome novellas, just showing how much we love our girlfriends . What lengths we will go to help them out and love them . Girlfriends are whether paranormal. or just plain ole girls . We all know that once you have a girlfriend, a good girlfriend . We will go to the ends of the earth for them.. We will drink with them , hold their hair when they are sick. Also do some other embarrassing things . Just to be there for them . The authors have really shown in their novellas that they know all about being girlfriends. I would be proud to call any of these authors a girlfriend. Knowing that if we were girlfriends they would be there for me . So if you want a great set of books to read on a cold night. Please check out GIRLS NIGHT OUT and be prepared to laugh, sigh and relive your own girls nights out.

    I give this boxed set a 5 out of 5 stars



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