Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Ok here it is my very first post

Well here we go . My first official post . Never in a million years did honestly think that I would be doing a blog. Even more amazing a blog about one of my favourite pass times. When you live on a ranch and have six to seven months of winter. What do you do. Well in my case you read and read and read some more . Trust me not a lot goes on around here when it's - 40 and the wind is howling .
   I honestly think the invention of the e reader was made just for me . Why you ask? Well living in the middle of nowhere you don't get to go to the bookstore . So with my e reader I can download hundreds of books from awesome authors . Which I hope to introduce to all of you . Great indie authors and best selling authors . I love almost all books , especially urban fantasy, paranormal romance, erotica to cowboys, bikers billionaires , oooh and firemen .
    I try and give honest reviews and don't trash authors and books . I will try and keep you up on all new releases that are coming up .
So thanks for taking a chance on me and my little blog