Saturday, January 25, 2014

ok ever had one of those days

So today has been the weirdest day ever. I nearly had heart failure this morning, it was an almost disaster.  Made my tea , turned on the radio, and settled down on the couch it was early. Thought I would get some reading done. I grabbed my kindle and went to turn it on, and had the shock of my life . There was nothing there not a book, a sentence or even a word. That shock made me scream. Woke the other half out of a deep sleep. As he comes running out of the bedroom , trying not to trip over the dogs in the process. Screaming I am coming honey, Stops and looks at me with a look like WTF is someone killing you. Of course I am looking at my kindle in shock and disbelief. I look up at him , they are gone all my books are gone . Now if you know my hubby , he is shy and quiet but the look he shot me this morning was nothing short of you have to be kidding me and don't do it again . Unless there is a rabid werewolf holding a knife to your throat. Yes he embraces my love a paranormal romance books. The reason why I don't know but he does.
   So after twenty agonizing mins of going through my I pad and my laptop . I knew my books didn't totally disappear. I decided to trouble shoot my kindle and figured that if I charged it my books might find their way back onto my precious. Yes. I call my kindle my precious cause it actually its pretty dam close to it.  After I waited patiently for it to charge . I read a great novella on my I pad.
So the morning wasn't totally ruined .  Thank the gods for that one.  All I can say is thank the gods there is a kindle app for the I pad , for this self appointed bookaholic. It works in a pinch lol
    So after the green charged light comes on notifying me, my precious is ready to go. I gingerly take it over to the couch and switch it on and there they were, my babies came home , they love me they really love me. After doing the happy; happy, joy, joy dance in the middle of my living room . I grabbed another cup of chai tea and settled down to get some reading done. Hubby walks by the living room just shaking his head . I can just imagine what he is thinking. I am in love with a crazy woman.  I just hope he knows I love him just as much as my fictional boyfriends lol. Well have a great Saturday everyone book review will be up tomorrow

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