Monday, July 4, 2016


   Good Monday all . hope you all are having a great Monday . Today we are going to freak out your holiday and tell you about a great new book that I was given the heads up on. THE SANGUINARIAN ID by L.M Labat is that horror book you can't put down

                            BOOK BLURB

She’s been beaten, stabbed, poisoned, and shot, but Hael refuses to die. In her pursuit for vengeance and her origin, the dhampir Hael hunts down the madman responsible for her fateful transformation. As this half-vampire juggernauts her way through a world at war, Hael battles hordes of Nazi soldiers and struggles to maintain her sanity. However, while Hael gathers knowledge on how to trap and kill her target, her adversary’s network is expanding at an exponential rate; his sick obsession with Hael grows deeper. Will she have her revenge? Will she find her origin? Or, will she crumble beneath her own insidious bloodlust?

                        MY REVIEW
  What do you get when you combine Nazis , a dhampir and an evil insane asylum. You get the makings of a great horror story . The author draws from various aspects of Vampire lore to bring us as unusual story of a young girl  who has been through hell first off at the hands of family then in an asylum where true madmen reside. She is tested on and all around used until the day she is taken away. As Hael grows up she starts to hunt down the mad man that did this to her . She battles Nazi soldiers while collecting info on the man that haunts her.  Along the way she finds others that will help her because they have their own reasons to want him dead . Will they survive the onslaught of evil that is coming their way .
   I really loved this book, I got caught up in the story line . The way the author takes us on this incredible story. What really got me was the author added illustrations to the book . I so could see this book as graphic novel . They really added to the story as the author did is as part of the doctor's journal . It added so much to the story.  I must say this book had me turning pages all night long ..
  The characters are so well written and complex . You really start to feel for Hael , This poor girl has gone through hell and back and comes out the other side . She has such a fighting spirit and will do anything it takes to bring down the evil that did this to her. Josef is her trusty partner , he is such a complex guy . You can tell he wants to take care of Hael but then he knows that she can take care of herself. He knows she is dhampir but that doesn't mean that he can't take care of her . Its so sweet to see them interacting with each other. You can clearly see that he cares for her and she cares for him . With the evil they have to take care of . The evil in the book are two fold , we have the evil dr Alrich the man doing the evil tests on women in the asylum and then the true evil Mendelson we really aren't sure what he is besides evil in carnet. He actually gave me the creeps when I was reading him . He was so evil you will most definitely hate him as soon as you start to read him . The cast of characters that surround Hael and Josef are diverse and complex and add more to the story.
    I must say when I first started this book I was hooked . The author takes us on a journey that will make you squirm in your seat . L.M weaves a gothic tale with such intensity that will blow you away.   Pulling from various aspects of the vampire culture makes this book different and readable , They aren't your ordinary vampires, which to me is a nice read  as I have read so many vampire books. I will tell you one thing the author left us with a cliff hanger, I can't wait to read the second installment of this story. I want to know what is going to  happen and will she get her revenge. This would be a great read on a rainy day . Trust me when I say find someplace comfortable to read this book cause you will not get up until you are done . I know I didn't move until I was done . If want a great gothic horror story that will take you to places where you don't want to go. Check out this book you will not be disappointed. Also check out the illustrations in this book they add so much to the book.

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