Thursday, July 14, 2016


 Good Thursday all today we are going to review a western BLACK SHEEP by Mason Macrae

                            BOOK BLURB

Dave McCabe rides into town with one mission – to avenge his father’s death.

But he rides into the middle of a range war between Gordon Mallory, a Cattle rancher, and Dan Bassett, who wants to move Mallory’s cattle off public land to make room for the railway.

Bassett is pulling out every dirty trick in the book to get Mallory away, including moving sheep into the land where his cattle are grazing.

Cattle and sheep don’t mix, and it seems like Mallory and Bassett are just as bad for each other.

McCabe’s only hope is to make the two men, Mallory and Bassett, get together and sort this thing out before matters get any worse.

But people from both sides keep showing up dead and the body count is growing with each passing day.

Then Mallory’s pretty daughters get involved.

And just when it looks like things can’t get any worse, somebody murders the Sheriff.

McCabe came to the town to bring justice, but his arrival could be the spark that sets the whole town ablaze…

Jam-packed with heart-racing action and bitter feuds, Black Sheep is a tale of honour, loyalty and justice.

                              MY REVIEW
  I started reading this book and fell in love with it . It is a classic old time western novel that will transport you back to the time of cowboys evil land barons and justice. There is a little bit of romance thrown in for the main characters .
  The characters are so well written and complex . You will either hate them or cheer for them as you read . McCabe is the main character and he is out for justice . He heads to town where he is caught in the middle of a range war. Bassett is the bad guy in this novel, he is trying to get the land that a neighbour has. He is wanting the public land that Mallory's cattle are grazing . He does everything dirty. He reminds me of the old time bad guy in the westerns of old . I could picture him in a black suit and black hat  commanding everyone in town . Mallory is the average cowboy trying to survive . He is a guy just fighting to survive and his cows will do it . He fights hard and wants to survive .
I must say that all the characters that are in the book are so well written and have such back stories you will fall in love with them.
   I must say I thoroughly enjoyed this book, its been awhile since I have read such a good western .
The author paints a great picture of the old west and of cowboys and range wars. We are taken on a whirlwind ride that will keep you on the edge of your seat . There is more then just a range war going on , there is some romance mixed in. The pace is great and the story line will take you back in time to those dusty days of yore . So if you want a good western to pass the time with at the lake . Check it out BLACK SHEEP.

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