Friday, July 29, 2016


Well all we made it to Friday and up here in Canada we have a long weekend. So I have the perfect book for you weekend reading . AFTER THE FIRE by Mary J Williams .

                            BOOK BLURB

In his lifetime, Gaige Benson has dreamed of only two things. Playing football and loving Violet Reed.


The Seattle Knights have the hottest players in the game. On and off the field.

Second Chances. First Love.

Gaige Benson is the NFL's golden boy. He's done it all. Won every award. Except that elusive Super Bowl ring. This year he is hanging up his cleats and he plans on going out a winner.

Even a golden boy has secrets. Will Gaige's past be the one thing that derails his future?

Violet Reed almost lost it all. Her sight, her dreams of becoming a doctor, and the only man she ever loved. A miracle saved the first two. Sixteen years later she is getting her second chance at love.

Secrets kept them apart. Will the truth separate them forever?

                            MY REVIEW
 Welcome back to the NFL and the golden boy Gaige Benson . The hottest quarterback out there but on the night of his draft pick . His father is a horrific accident that causes a girl to go blind. Gaige is there to corral his father and check out the girl that is where love hits and then goes haywire . Gaige and Violet have had 16 years of misunderstanding and what ifs .
  I fell in love with Gaige and Violet, they are a sweet couple that will melt your heart. Gaige is a good guy in a sport where you are suppose to be cocky and have swagger . He has endured so much in his life. We see him as cocky but sweet as you read the story he has many layers to him . When he finally has Violet back in his life everything is right but there is still something dark hiding between them . Violet almost lost it once and she came out stronger and more alive . She is the one person that can handle Gaige and will put him in his place more times then none .
 This was a fast read for me and it is a nice way to end the series . Gaige and Violet are the cutest couple and will make you want to fall in love with them .  This would make a great summer read for the beach or the pool.

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