Friday, July 1, 2016


  Today is Canada Day here in Canada and we are planning to just hang out today . Going to read some great books this weekend . I just finished STRIDENT HOUSE  by P Mattern and M Mattern

                            BOOK BLURB

Amazon Top 100 Bestseller STRIDENT HOUSE brings the CHILLS!
A Midwestern mansion filled with the ghosts of a prominent family’s tragic past.
Unspeakable secrets become the dark heart beating beneath the modern veneer of a Health Center.
Some come to work.
Some come to be healed.
Some come to die.
When a team of paranormal investigators is called to uncover the cause of a patient's inexplicable demise, their search will lead them to the most hellish collection of entities they've ever faced.

                         MY REVIEW
   What do you do when you come face to face with evil. Do you turn and run or do you stay in fight .  In the case of Strident house you stay and fight. Meet Kit and Brandon , who are heading back to Indianapolis to plan their mother's funeral and to take care of their mentally challenged brother Luke.  They find out that Luke has been placed in Strident house a place that can take care of his needs . But things aren't all they seem there are evil things going on. Will they survive the dark energy and will the paranormal team come out it one piece.
   This book has it all , romance . mystery and intrigue. I got swept away into the story, the characters are well developed and you start to feel for them as you read . The main characters Kit and Brandon are twins but also polar opposites of each other . Kit is a type A personality , she is an overachiever and is tightly wound lawyer who has to have the last word in everything . Brandon is more laid back and easy going . He calms Kit down actually and helps her out . The rest of the supporting cast of characters are very well developed and help Kit and Brandon out. When they go ghost hunting you see the whole team pull together really fast to help get rid of the evil .
  I must admit that this is the first book I have read by these authors . I thoroughly enjoyed the way the authors sucked you into the story. The twists and turns kept me reading . I was so trying to figure out what was happening all the way through.  There was just a couple of things that kept me from really loving the story . There were some parts that just kind of dragged a bit for me . I felt like it could of been a little bit more action . Over all I really enjoyed this book and would recommend it for anyone who likes a good paranormal mystery story . This would be a good book to read around the camp fire or at the beach . So check it out 

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