Thursday, October 13, 2016

happy Thursday all

   Good Thursday all , yes I know I am late with this blog post but fall yard work waits for no one . So today I have a great book for you VENOM & VANILLA by Shannon Mayer

                            BOOK BLURB

Successful Seattle baker Alena Budrene doesn’t want to die. But when she’s infected with a lethal virus spread by supernatural beings, her only chance for recovery is to make a deal with the devil—or in this case, a warlock.

Though he saves her life, it looks nothing like the life she once knew—and neither does she. Alena is a new breed of “Supe” no one has ever seen before. Even the supernatural police don’t know what she is. Now exiled to the northern side of the Wall, which marks the divide between humans and Supes, Alena is thrust into a dark and magical new world.

But just as she begins to adjust to all things supernatural, she realizes that her transformation is the least of her worries—and it was no accident. She was chosen…to be killed by a Greek hero trying to make a name for himself once more.

Alena was brought up to be subservient, preferring creating to fighting, and vanilla and honey to blood. But that was then. Now, to survive, she must stand up for herself—and this time she’s got fangs. But will she be ready to use them?

                               MY REVIEW
   This is a fun read I mean who knew that you could take a world where super naturals are living out in the open and people are dying because of the lethal disease by those same super naturals . What's a girl to do when she is lying in the hospital waiting to die , does she take the cure that will change her life or does she just let go .
     This is a lighter book for Shannon , and I fell in love with it . The characters are so unbelievable and complex . It seems like you have stepped into another world where Super naturals walk among us and iconic Greek mythological creatures can be in the same place. Well this is the book that does that . Shannon has seamlessly weaved them together in a wonderful story
 Alena is one character that you will fall in love with , she is such a wonderful character . She goes from being a subservient wimp on the verge of dying to a kick butt strong woman with some wonderful powers . I am not going to tell you what she has but you will love it . Oh and then there is Remo the hot and I mean melt your panties hot head of the vampires . Oh girls you will need a fan when he is around . He wants Alena and she wants him but keeps denying him as she tries to figure out what and who she is . He is alpha as alpha can be and love teasing Alena . He is an awesome character you will love him and hate him too . The other characters in the book are hilarious , everyone from Zeus to cupid and an ex husband who is shacking up with the dizziest woman alive.  Oh and don't forget Achilles who wants to destroy Alena and everyone else . He is arrogant and I mean arrogant .
   I will say this for Shannon , she has written a fun loving paranormal book that will leave you laughing and a little over heated in some places . The story for me flowed so well and the two types of super naturals and Greek mythology entwined seamlessly . The characters were well written the story took us on an adventure. Shannon has me calling super naturals SUPER DUPERS . When I first read that I laughed so hard I snorted . I can't wait for book two well mainly to see what happens to Remo and Alena and if they get together or not . I am rooting for yes please . So if you want a fun light hearted read that will make you giggle, check out VENOM AND VANILLA   you will not be disappointed .

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