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Today, we are featuring The Devils Who Would Be King, the fourth and final installment in Nina Mason’s historical erotica series Royal Pains. Set in Scotland and England during the Restoration period, Royal Pains follows the political, religious, and erotic exploits of the Duke and Duchess of Dunwoody.
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Their loyalty, faith, and love will be tested like never before…

Maggie, pregnant and missing Robert like mad, invites Gemma Crosse to help ease her loneliness, only to get swept up in a whirl of naughtiness and heartache. Meanwhile, rebellion is brewing to the north, where her husband is acting as a spy for the king, who grows drunker with power by the day.
Will Maggie and Robert’s love be strong enough to weather the coming storm? Or will the winds of change blow their world apart?

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                            MY REVIEW
 This is a bittersweet read for me, its the end of series and I will miss them all very much . Maggie and Robert are separated yet again. Maggie is at her fathers castle and Robert is off on a secret mission for the king . They miss each other terribly and have their own set of problems to deal with , From unwanted advances from the opposite sex . Will their love survive and will they survive to come back together .
  This is the fourth and last book in the series and I must say that the author has out did herself. She has taken her characters and made them even better .  She has taken it just a step further and made it a little darker and a little more risqué . She sets it to a most difficult time in history and thoroughly entertains us .
  Robert has always been a complex character but in this book we see more sides of him. The sensitive sweet side that dearly loves his wife . The scared side that he shows when he is undercover . I will say this Nina made Robert grow up in this book . Which to me was a great way to bring him around . We also see more sides to Maggie , she has grown up but still does have an innocence about her . That makes reading her so much fun . Some of the best scenes are Maggie and Gemma. they are sweet, loving and hot all at the same time .
  The author weaves the erotica and the historical aspects of the book seamlessly . Ms. Mason may write erotica but she doesn't let that over power the books . She writes about what is going on at the time period with such a reverence . It feels like we are transported back in time as we read . Ms, Mason is a stickler for getting the facts right . She will take you on an epic journey that will make you think and tantalize you all at the same time .
  THE DEVIL WHO WOULD BE KING can be read as a stand alone but I would read the whole series because there are some little things that you might not get if you haven't read the other books . This is a very intense love story set in some very turbulent times in history. So if you want a great hot sexy story set in some turbulent times in history . Oh and the twist at the end will make you OMG  and you will shed a tear .




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