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   Good Tuesday all today I am continuing my horror story review, seeing as it is October and Halloween is coming up fast . Today we are going to review an anthology A STITCH OF MADNESS by A.J Brown

                            BOOK BLURB

A Stitch of Madness: An Anthology

Madness: extremely foolish behavior.
Imprisoned for the murder of his best friend, Johnny Cleary sets out to tell what happened on the day Bobby “Buster” Lennon died, but are the words he writes true or does the deception run deeper.

Madness: the state of being mentally ill, especially severely.
There is something wrong with Irene. Momma’s dead and a ragdoll speaks to her in a voice that is hauntingly familiar. And what about the stitches, the very things that just might hold Irene together?

Madness: a state of frenzied or chaotic activity.
After an odd stranger pays Robert Wallenger a visit, his world begins to unravel and the past comes rushing back, along with a sickly sweet scent.

There is madness in everyone. For most, the madness never surfaces. For others, all it takes is one thing, big or small, for them to spiral out of control.

                             MY REVIEW
   Ok what do you get when you put three stories together that have an urban legend and a man that is being terrified a woman that is being haunted by a doll that seems to possess the spirit of her dead mother and a man that has been visited by the devil . Well you get the anthology a stitch of madness . Each story more scary then the last one.
  I really liked this anthology  I liked the way the author writes old school horror, he doesn't rely on over the top blood guts and gore to get the readers attention .
 In Catherine's well we see a man imprisoned for killing his best friend but did he.  The way the author sets up the story you just never know until the end if he actually did the murder or not. As you read you will have your mind made up but then you get totally flipped around and realize that things aren't what they seem .
  In story two  STITCHES  we have a completely different story that almost reads like the tell tale heart . A young girl is abused and used until the day she can't take it anymore . When things come to a head and she does the unthinkable . She is haunted and taunted by her rag doll. I must say this story had me curled up in a ball on the couch under my blanket . I couldn't put this story down. I will say I think this might be the best story in the book .
In story three A SICKLY SWEET SMELL  is about what if the devil came to visit you posing as a man who is looking for work. Would you accept his proposal or would you walk away . If you do accept are you ready to accept the consequences as your world falls apart around you . The dialogue between the characters is really good and trust me when I say this I AM NEVER EVER EATING ANOTHER GRAPE EVER AGAIN. Read the book and you will understand what I am talking about .
    Over all I really enjoyed these stories  I enjoyed more then others . The author takes us on a journey of evil that is twisted and scary. He takes back to old school horror . Patterned after the twilight zone and Edgar Allen Poe . That is the kind of vibe I get when I read these stories .
  He has really made some complex characters in a short amount of time . I just wish we could of had just a bit more of Stitches and a Sickly Sweet Smell .  If you want a good Halloween read check it out you won't be disappointed .

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