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Good Wednesday all , I hope your hump day is going well . Today we are review the third book in Ricky Fleets HELLSPAWN series . Let me introduce you to HELLSPAWN SENTINEL .

                                    BOOK BLURB

A vicious betrayal against Kurt and his family has left the survivors reeling. The cracks that started to appear with the rescue of Debbie and Mike has fractured the group completely. Now the two rival groups must press ahead against all the odds, striving to reach shelter before the winter takes hold.
New friends have joined the fray and brought with them an unsettled score. The dangers of the dead are ever present, but they are now joined by a flying spy in the sky. Always watching, always seeking them to satisfy the psychotic whims of their old superior.
As they flee the burning city feeling bereft and broken, they must gather their energy for the final push towards Arundel and the towering sentinel that could be their only hope. More terror awaits on their journey and it becomes clear the shambling dead may be the least of their worries.
A reckoning between good and evil must be fought in the coming months, and it will be to the death. With their waning humanity, Kurt wonders if they win, will they in turn become the evil they seek to destroy?
                            MY REVIEW
  Book three starts right where book two has left off . Kurt and their rag tag family is heading towards shelter after being attacked by not only zombies but another foe also . They must get out of the city and get to the castle . They are heartbroken from the loss of one of their own . They have to keep going and pull themselves together to survive the newest onslaught . They need to get to where they are going and come to terms with the new reality that evil comes in all shapes and sizes .
    What I truly like about all of these characters are they are normal everyday people trying to survive . Kurt is the head of his family and is doing everything in his power to keep his family alive . Including the young boy that was the bully and now is like a son to them . We have a couple of new guys that have come to help the gang out DB and Jonsey , two British military men that have become a great asset to the family . Then we have Mike and Debbie, who have been left behind much to the chagrin of them.  They are wanting to get even with Kurt and the group so they follow and try to sabotage the group.  Now add a new nemesis to the group a bird that flies high in the sky that is hunting down the groups , led by a crazy military man. What do you get , you get an action packed story .
    The author takes us on a roller coaster ride in this book . The story moves at a very fast pace and you will be on the edge of your seat through most of it . I really couldn't put this story down. I read it in a day . Ricky had me wanting to slap a character a few times . This character really needed the slap trust me when you read it you will understand . There are a few surprises in this book also that will make you laugh and also make you cry and boy you will ugly cry during the one scene . I will not tell you anymore about it cause knowing my luck I will spill the beans  and over share .  I can't wait for the next book in the series . So if you want a great zombie series that has real people that you will fall in love with . Check out the whole HELL SPAWN series . YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED 

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