Monday, November 6, 2017


  Good Monday morning all, today we are going to review a comic version of the books I loved when I was a kid. NANCY DREW AND THE HARDY BOYS (the big lie) by Anthony Del Col .

                         BOOK BLURB 

When the teenage brothers Frank and Joe Hardy are accused of the murder of their father – a detective in the small resort town of Bayport – they must team up with the femme fatale nancy drew to prove their innocence (and find the real guilty party in the process) in a twisting, hard-boiled tale, complete
with double-crosses, deceit and dames. Inspired by new crime classics like ed Brubaker’s Fatale and darwyn cooke’s parker series, writer Anthony del col (Assassin’s creed, Kill shakespeare) and artist Werther dell’edera (Batman: detective comics, House of Mystery) bring the iconic teen detectives into the modern age, and redefine noir for a new generation of readers!

                        MY REVIEW 
       This isn't the Nancy Drew and Hardy boys of our childhood . This story is grittier and darker and has twists and turns that you didn't see coming . I mean having Frank and Joe under suspicion of murdering their father , damn that was a game changer . Nancy coming in and helping them out . I love cross over and the story is one that will keep you wondering .
    The graphics in this comic have that classic noir feel to them but the characters are so 2017.  I love the feel of the suspense and action . The character drawings take us back to the book . They did a great job of bringing old school and new school together . 
   This was a great comic and I cant wait for the second installment . Other then the fact it was a little short , didn't take away from the action and the intrigue . So if you want to read the updated HARDY BOYS and NANCY DREW  check it out 

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